Religious hypocrisy and sex before marriage

Every now and then I have a read of DW’s cousins husband’s parents website, they are pastors of a Nigerian evangelical church on the eastern seaboard of the US.

Now they were proselytising about no sex before marriage and what a good boy their other son was. What utter bullshit, the guy was living in Brixton for a while, sticking his cock into any woman who was foolish enough to have him.

He’s recently married a Nigerian woman and what a good boy he was for not screwing around. His brother lives in the west country married to DW’s cousin, he thinks of himself as a club DJ and business man and he cheats on his wife with abandon, I guess all white women must be whores in his mind.

Another thing, he fires blanks, so his parents “arranged” for him and his wife to “adopt” a little mixed race kid, except it happened in less than three months. That raises some serious questions, he’s Nigerian, doesn’t have British citizenship yet and somehow they got a kid. Adoption in the UK takes some time, a mixed couple where one doesn’t have citizenship, takes even longer.

Its just grist to the mill of why I think christians are hypocrites.