My Xubuntu desktop – work in progress


I’ve been working on (well I consider it so) a hypercool xubuntu desktop. It runs the XFCE window manager with the variety wallpaper manager. So far I’ve only used one custom icon in the top left corner for the whisker. The variety wallpaper manager includes the nice clock. In the bottom panel is a single launcher for chrome. Most stuff I do is in the terminal so that a ctrl alt T, so I don’t need fancy docks and stuff.

In my previous job my boss was a complete twat, though he was an uber Geek because he ran stock OSX and called his laptop thegeek… meh! what a wanker. He was totally flumoxed by my minimal desktop. I have to admit I think it might be a bit too much. The top right contains a set of info items, for network etc. The only thing I wouldnt do away with is variety and my 140 material design desktop wallpapers. I enjoy the revolutionary collectivist futurist art of the 1930 Soviet (see the Charnel House for much more info) and the Vortisist movement of Nineteen-teens of the 20 Century.

Things that I need to do is to create a full icon set, there are several sources for ideas such as the Google material Design Icon set, the Font Awesome Icon set and the noun project, but that will be for another day.