Just don’t watch Taylor Swift on 4k precision m3800

I just got a Dell Precision m3800 with a 4k display (it maybe shit hot but unless your using a scaling OS its shit).

Anyway, so i thought i’d watch a hidef clip, well Taylor Swift popped from the screen in a way that made an old man jump. OK, it was a choice of my girls but man the celebrity lifestyle ain’t that kind.

The girl needs to get some early nights and drink more water is all I can say. Bottom line I am not taking 4k photos of my family, I’m sticking firmly to low res. There is no way I would want to punish my family members with imagery that really shows the blemishes.

Now before anyone gets uptight and thinks I have it in for Taylor Swift, that’s not the case, the girl has makeup artists to fix these issues, so it means that there will have to be a special skill to make up people for 4k plus video and photos.


Arrogant amateur interview questions in IT

I was just cogitating on some of the rather crappy interview questions I’ve been asked. More to the point its the stock questions where there is a very high level answer that you can give, but you realise that the interview actually knows little or nothing about the question or the purpose of the answer.

Here are a couple of examples,

What is the difference between a value type and a reference type.

That’s a staple of software engineering.


What is a cidr range in AWS VPC.

That ones for Amazon Web Services Network administration.

I nearly just got caught in the trap of answering them, but the point of this is to show that stock questions at an interview just means that there is really no substance to what your being asked and that the asker doesn’t really know what they are looking for because they don’t know what to ask.

Actually I could answer, A waste of my time because it has no bearing on the day to day work, really no bearing and if the hiring manager thinks it has then he really doesn’t know what to do.

One of the junior developers in my new job, tried something similar with me mainly because he wanted to establish a pecking order of some kind (I see this often in poor/failing teams). A pretence that he knows more and thus doesn’t have to listen to me. Well, I did a bit of a casual takedown on him, turned the question back on him and then pointed out places where it is being used without even looking at the code base. Sadly its called experience not arrogance. Something that many places get confused about.

My life a flashback to a shit childhood.

I just read dome empty wankers post that triggered absolute guru in my. Its lucky he didn’t say it in a boozer because I would have hurt him and enjoyed doing it.

I had a really shit childhood one filled with violence and abuse. I ran away permanently when I was 14 it was Armistice Sunday, the day my step father came home from being in psychiatric hospital for paranoid schizophrenic delusions.

I rough sleeper for six months, I vividly remember Christmas, I’d dossed down in an office in a derelict wearhouse, sharing it with pigeons. I had a kerosene lamp, a packet of Jacobs crackers and a bottle of coke. It was shit, but better than being with my mother and step father. There we other rough times, I spent several nights in a public toilet near a train station pushing on the jot air hand dryer in order to get a bit warm.

February was pretty bad, I got gastric flu and I was kipping in an old brick shed, I can remember it raining and the floor becoming a huge puddle but I couldn’t move as I was so I’ll.

By May, I was so fucked up I went around yo a school mates house fit something. His mum opened the door and tried yo take me home, I can’t remember what my reaction was but she took me to my grandparents instead.

O know they had a difficult time with me, I was a disaster of a teenager, my grandmother said it took six months for me to stop looking like a whipped cur and saying sorry for everything.

Back at school, it was doubly shit one teacher said I was mist likely to end up in prison. Somehow, I changed determined never to be part of that shit life. I used my part time job money to pay for the minimum set of exams to get into the local Grammer school, I did and I got my A levels, and by hard work and interviews I got offers from two of the top five global universities (well that’s their current positions). Sadly, I couldn’t handle it and with in 8 months I was back on the street with a growing taste for brown. By this point I’d been stabbed three times and slashed with a Stanley knife. At dome point I bumped into my admissions tutor who helped me clean up and get back into Uni.

The next decade and a bit I steadily improved but I couldn’t make emotional attachments with people, a steady stream of one night stands and month long equivalents but no feelings just sex. And I was shockingly good at it, a charming sociopath.

I felt at home the violence of living rough, it was easy to cope with as I grew up with so much worse, just as with sex I was into fucking or fighting, I loved hurting hard men, lippy fuckers or groups of Bros who thought they were mensch.

In hindsight it was a shit life, so many geezers thinking I was the man because I was fucking birds and getting into rucks, I was the man. In hindsight it is a shit life.

But because of white male entitlement, in got a job in an investment bank, which I quit after a day because i couldn’t deal with it. Then in one of the top global tech companies.

So why did I get so furious over a little prick’s blog. Because he had the same shit attitude that my step father had. Oh and one final thing my mother was Vice President of European Client Accounts for Republic National Bank of New York and my step father before he went nuts was Senior Finance Officer for Ansbacher Investment Bank. So no matter what white western male entitled privilege wins out.

Cosmo advocates oral rape: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to the Messy Blow Job AKA don’t leave it to the unpaid intern

A Complete Beginner’s Guide to the Messy Blow Job – http://pulse.me/s/3ZYP5a

I often wonder what the purpose of Cosmo is, it seems to be a cause celebre for rape and bro culture.

I’ve never given a messy blowjob, mainly because I’m hetro-fixed and secondly as an owner of a penis I’m only too aware of its daily life cycle. Nexy I actually have no gag reflex and can swallow bananas whole (I made a lot in tips showing off when I was a mixologist and we had a weekly gay night). I can quite categorically say I would not appreciate a banana being repeatedly rammed down my throat.

Also having experienced several women seemingly committing a form of self harm by attempting to deep throat me, the retching sound is enough to make me politely ask them to stop and unless you are totally in the headspace to do it and are pretty damn experienced don’t, just don’t.

It takes a lot of experience, practice and preferably knowing your partner well enough to be totally comfortable with it.

I’m we’ll aware that there are many professional sex workers who have worked hard to add it to their repertoires to increase their fiscal value and good for them, There are a few lay people who have cum to enjoy it and can get themselves into the right mental landscape, my wife for example has got to that place.  But yjus article will serve only to convince the inexperienced that it should be done and pander to the Bros who don’t give a shit about the feelings of the person doing it.

Cosmo you should be ashsmed

There needs to be a new word invented one that can be a noun and a verb

To describe men who pretend to be women online who aren’t trans. You know hetro men who adopt a female persona and write drivel purporting to be from a woman’s viewpoint.

I’m sure its actually a mental health issue, if you were transitioning like what’s his name the kardasdhian dad, then I guess that’s vaguely legitimate, but a hetro man pretending to be a hetro woman is just bonkers.

If I was to do it, I’d ask my wife her opinion and then blog it, but I know how it would play out.

Her: why do you want to know that?
Me: a reason of some sort
Her: What exactly are you doing?
Me: stupid answer
Her: You’re doing WHAT?

And she’d have every right to be pissed off.

I don’t know what these blokes think they are doing or what they’ll achieve, its very odd. I could understand it if some geezer wants to engage an LGBT woman in order to quiz her about her lifestyle in order to get his rocks off, but there is plenty of porn that caters to that (BTW world I’ve been porn sober for ten days and I think I’m succeeding this time).

I just don’t get it. Ok I’ve got another Use Case; blokey wants to perform some kind of online entrapment of groomers by purporting to be a teen age girl, but that doesn’t really work unless you work for a law enforcement agency.

Thing is any half grained human being can spot this kind of lunacy a mile off, and I do apologise for being ablist but I’m not that good at being understanding, if someone could explain I’d be greatful.

Dating bullshit 101; What Your First Date Eating Habits Say about You

What Your First Date Eating Habits Say about You – http://pulse.me/s/3ZoeC8

Oh for fucks sake, the way you scoff your grub and offer/share it on a date says what kind of person you are. Fuck off, just fuck right off. Whatever fools over analyse this stuff do not deserve to be in a relationship let alone find a decent partner.

I’ve never shared my grub with anyone on a date unless that is they ask nicely to try. Its so impolite to go shoving food into someone’s face or just grabbing a hunk cos you want it.

When you take someone out for a meal, you behave with polite assertive decorum, be nice to the waiting staff, be genial and pleasant and amusing and be conversationally aware.

But you never wank around with the food sharing stuff unless it is part of the general discussion regarding the food you are eating.

This article is going to spawn a year of oral-maxilliofacial injuries admitted to A&E and no that isn’t a fancy expression for getting a blowjob from that.