Reblog: “A Body That I Refuse To Keep Hidden”: Lingerie Photos Showcase ‘Flat’ Pride: post mastectomy

“A Body That I Refuse To Keep Hidden”: Lingerie Photos Showcase ‘Flat’ Pride

Wry  isn’t it that the lgtb community is more accepting of a post mastectomy body than the hetro world. Women are beautiful no matter what had happened or what their bodies are like, beauty is an inside out thing. The outside means nothing if the inside is ugly.

Anyway, as a hetero normative, stereotypical white western nearly 50 year old. I live with a beautiful 36 year old woman (actually she denied to marry me) who has undergone a unilateral left side mastectomy. Can this beautiful woman find equally beautiful lingerie, NO she fucking well can’t. The lingerie industry isn’t interested, ‘keep out of the light love we don’t want your awkward body, confusing the blokes who shuffle over our advertising and of course its not cost effective because we don’t target you you don’t buy’



I’m really horny for it at the moment

I’m really up for ”girls on top at the moment, I keep on thinking about my wife, DW, nekkid and us getting jiggy in the bedroom. I’m quite up for it as I get to watch her, her boob jiggle, while my hand caresses her scar (she’s not so keen, but she puts up with it).

Best of all is holding her hips, the soft squishy skin under my palms and the hardness of her pelvic wings under my thumbs. Sometimes I like to press the tips of my thumbs on her abdomen, where it connects to her pubis, pressing down on her (not too to hard of course) making my cock push more against her insides.

It’s a nice position as I can use my back, bum and thigh muscles to lift her up and down and get faster so she’s really bouncing around on it, I know it sounds like a lot of work, but once you’re deep inside it feels good to stay there. There are often a lot of shenanigans during entry, ”careful, careful, wait, slower, careful, you’re stretching me too much, wait a bit, oooo, there, nice”. So once I’m all the way in, I’m lazy and like to keep her there.

It’s fun to give her a pounding that way, but we do mix it up. She likes to play the dominant one and pump herself up and down and wiggle about. She’s also got excellent kegle control, so squeezes, releases,squeezes, releases. Another thing that’s fun, especially when I’m holding her hips, is to raise her up, so I’m nearly out and then slam up hard, that generally makes her go ooof! In a good way.

Sometimes we mix it up even more, I like to reach around and run my finger tips over her bumhole, mostly she’s not keen on that, but every one in a while (usually after a horny chick lit novel) she’ll flutter her bumhole with the squeeze relax like her kegles. Sometimes I’ll keep the tip of my index finger on her bumhole while its a little open and try to pop it in. That usually gets the response of cheeky, what DO you thing your doing. Other times she’ll lift herself all the way off and guide me into her bum, but that involves a lot of lubing, owing and squirming until she’s comfortable and OK, then it’s down to her riding me in that position so it doesn’t hurt her (too much wide cocks and small bumholes aren’t a good combination).

There’s actually a lot more to it than that, sometimes we switch to an inverted missionary, or she kneel lies on me and I wrap my arms around her completely, but regardless I just love being inside her.

Two good books for your children


Pants of peace and the magic box. Read them to your kids rather than letting em watch TV or play games on a laptop or a tablet.

Since we’ve been doing this, they’ve been going to sleep much better, quicker and waking up in better moods.

The pine stays green in winter… wisdom in hardship. Norman Douglas

The pine stays green in winter... wisdom in hardship. Norman Douglas