AirBnB Another poor business model for the social share community

So I tried to use Airbnb to find somewhere to stay, I’m pretty skint at this moment, so I though I’d use it to find somewhere cheap to stay.

Except, I had to pay upfront, and the person rejected my request to stay.

Do now it’s going to take 7 days to get the refund.

I wouldn’t expect that if a hotel, when I book a room I expect it to be available and them pay once that booking is confirmed.

Not with Airbnb.

Shit, I’ll never use it again,


Ice cream sandwiches


Cookies and ice cream. Yay! Way to go

Home made nigirisyshi & makisushi for my kids


Well, I got creative in the kitchen for our daughters. I made them sushi for supper, frankly it’s a cheap, easy peasy meal to make.

Knock up a plain omelet with an egg, sluce the bugger into things strips, do the same with cucumber,

Boil up some rice. Have some seaweed and your sushi rolling mat to hand (yep, we have that in the kitchen cupboards, the sprogs like snacking on seaweed – plenty of iodine, minerals and salts)

Boil up some rice I actually find any old rice will do. Just don’t wash it and let the starch make it sticky.

Slap it on the seaweed, roll the stuff up make some cuboids of rice. Slap on some salmon trimmings, bit of omelet.

There you have it a a fancy pants sushi meal for my sprogs, fuck the posho Islington mum’s going to M&S and Waitrose for expensive sushi.

I worked out that I could make a killing with the Islington dipshits. 5 sheets of seeweed £2.50, cucumber 50p, eggs, a quid a half dozen. Salmon trimmings £1.75, rice 2 quid a small bag. So £7.50 would make 45 sushi disks, I can slice 9 per sheet if seaweed.

5 per pack (OK need to factor the packaging) sell it at £3 per pack Artisan Sushi I reckon I could flog at a higher price. So that would be £30 gross at a £10 outlay. So a 67% return on investment.

OK so there’s the packaging and licensing cost s I haven’t factored but, hey! It’s an idea.


My Global Sushi knife

Ask yourself this simple question to avoid overspending: Amount, Benefit, Time I want to spend £x … Because I’ll benefit … This way, over this amount of time.

It’s a simple question to solve a difficult situation, overspending or frivolous spending is a killer for anyone or any family.

We had a situation recently where s lot if money was haemorrhaged during half term, on nothing. We had this stupid idea to treat the kids and funfairs and films and toys eat a huge amount of cash.

So now we plan to ask a question when ever spending occurs.

We want to go to the funfair and spend £190 (amount) because the kids will have fun (benefit) for a couple of hours (time).

By saying that out loud it gives you an opportunity to really hear what you are spending your cash on.

We need to find d a way to stop being bullied by the kids into spending stupid amounts on tat.