Gillette Embrace best razor for shaving you head if you have arthritic hands


Best for your nut

The cost is disgraceful, it’s much more expensive to buy women’s razors than men’s. I discovered the other day that the razor my wive yses for her legs and bits, is so much nicer to hold when your shaving your head.

It’s got a large flat handle, which means that for old arthritic fingers like mine, it makes it easier to hold.

it’s annoying though that women have to pay more for essentially the same thing. The blade cartridge is much more expensive than the equivalent men’s blade cartridge. It’s annoying, frankly I think blokes should absorb the cost of waxing and shaving for women, frankly I think if you ask any woman the reasons and causes if shaving their pits, bits and legs it’s because they’ve been convinced to by men. You know the reasons in order of importance sex and everything else, women feel pressured by peers and men.

Don’t get me wrong, I find my wife’s lack of body hair sexy (but then just for variety I fantasise about her full bush). But the cost of it. I once had a chat with a woman who recond disposable cartridges should be disposed of every time. If I was to shave every day or even twice a day, that would be bloody expensive.

A blade cartridge can easily last 3 months before it blunts to the point of scrape. In some respects I feel sad for young women who are convinced by the style & beauty industry to part with more cash than they should.


Unemotional sex is by and far worse than a sexless relationship

I’m enjoying watching the Night Manager (the only time I’ve actively sought out a BBC show in 15 years), but there was a scene in episode 4 where our Chameleon Protagonist Johnathon/Thomas/Andrew shaged the American woman partner of Roper against a wall (sorry that’s not mention to be sexust I find the actors portrail of the female character to be insipid and unmemorable). It was empty, gratuitous vapid sex. An unzipping of the trousers, a lift of a skirt and thump, thump, thump squirt (him not her), done. It was a perfunctory add to the episode, the story would be much better if the worthless scene showing the male actors arse was implied rather than shown.

This year myself and DW have fucked intermittently, it’s week eleven and we’ve only done it around 20 times, just a little over three times a week (period time has knocked a couple of weeks). Last night’s has left me feeling a bit empty, we did it in the dark, vanilla missionary, she didn’t get into me going down in her and even though I could feel her tightness gripping me he warm soft interior (with the occasional hard bump against her cervix), it felt spark-less. This has left me feeling sad-bad. For all of our ups and downs, sex has remained consistently good – there has always been a passion in what we do.

Often I come across blogs where someone is complaint about a sexless marriage and how unfair it is, or because of the sexless nature of it, it becomes an Ashley Madison excuse. That annoys me no end, whybfoes it annoy me? Because, it’s down to me to find the way to out the spark into it. Talking with DW, she was saying that her bits were feeling a bit stubbly and she didn’t get her head into the right space to enjoy it. Still, it makes me feel rotten that I wasn’t doing enough to get her off. But that’s just people, sometimes your just not up for it.

This is one of the things that really gets to me about PUA’s and men’s gripesters, neither group seems tho be that interested in their partners wants needs and feelings. Like the scene in the Night Manager gratuitous empty sec adds nothing.

A PEGI18+ post… flooding her with cum, something often missed out from sex & dating posts

I was reading a few “sex” posts today, I always like reading about peoples sex experiences. It’s a bit of a voyeyr thing  but I always find them interesting. One if the things that often strikes me is the total lack of reality. Especially the posts that are are quite descriptive about the actual sex act itself.

I often wonder if posts that purport to be by women are written by (young) men pretending to be women. What I find curious us that there is rearly a mention of how messy sex can be. For example when ever myself and DW (my wife) have a shag, I ejaculate. Frankly she enjoys it when that gapoebs as she gets to feel the twitches and suddenly gets “wetter” (its the cum that does that).

Then there is the post coital faff of getting up without dripping my load onto the bed/carpet/floor while doing that cross legged walk that only women can do to get to get bathroom for that clean up.

It’s interesting that it’s never mentioned in post by people who reckon their are having active sex lives. Or isn’t the mundanity of sex part if it. Any parents who are still trying to get it on once they’ve had kids know that sex becomes complicated, messy and short lived, but still 100% better than trying to pull and pickup.

To be honest that brief time after we’ve cum is the best, we relax, I soften inside her warm squelchy bits which is a fantastic feeling, flop out of her as we wind down and feel the endorphin pleasure.

If sex is still meaningful, does that means that there is meaning in the relationship

There does seem to be a trend in posts about sexless marriages and it does strike me as odd, that there is no physical intimacy and little in the way of emotional intimacy, yet they keep on together. What I find interesting is that irrespective of gender the gripes tend to be the same.

It give me cause to think about the conclusions I can draw from this. It’s either lots if weird odd men pretending  to be their partners. It’s quite common believe me, I had a mate who used to pretend to be a woman on dating sites and I’m lead to bekuce that’s very common too. Or that both sexes feel the same about sexless marriages.

Anyway, so far this year we’ve had sex five times, plus an additional snoggy gropes which involve handjobs or bits caressing. For all of the turmoil that goes on in our marriage we’re still into the physicals of a relationship.

Sometimes, I wonder is that because I’m too pushy for it and all I want is to go down, be sucked and then enter her. You know completely selfish about it, but I don’t think that’s the case. I like to see her enjoy sex as much as I do and I feel quite disgusted with myself if I think she’s caved in to pestering. Also when she’s flatly said “no, I don’t want to do it”, I’ve accepted that and not persuade further.

Perhaps it’s down to a skewed mindset of mine, that I have thus hidden vekife that people in a relationship should have to say that they want it, its intrinsically known by your partner. It used to be a kiss on the back of the neck a cuddle and our clothes would be strewn everywhere. Now we have children we have to be mindful of their privacy and right not to see it happening.

As I pondered in my title, is there meaning to this, because we have consensual sex (ok with a bit of badgering from me from time to time), foes that nesn that for all our faults that there still is deep meaning in our relationship.

For the MRA/PUA/MGTOW/INCELS read the GWOV’s new year resolutions and realise something its not your to

own, abuse or critucise. I was going to be cheeky and link to the great wall of vaginas new years resolution, except its svg and all I get is a data://hex dump… meh! so I can’t (can’t as in be bothered to make a bit of effort). I frankly think it’s cool and righteous. My personal favourites are resolution three, “Be nice about vaginas” and resolution five, “Don’t use a vagina without asking the owner”. I think the latter could be phrased a but better, but hell, it’s a famous piece of art so the artist owns the right to say what he wants.
The great wall of vagina

I personally think it’s a fabulous work of art, it says a lot to me, mainly because I’ve never seen a vagina that I didn’t think was adorable. Some of the personalities that came with them were a bit ” comme ce comme ca”, but that’s just part of getting on with life.

At this point I will apologise to anyone involved in women’s rights as I am a bloke after all and being a white western male I am the top of the heap when it come to the results of patriarchy.

I feel sorry for the mindsets of the MRA/PUA/MGTOW/INCEL crowd, I think they would all have a better time in life if they took the time to understand that respecting consent and rights, give a man greater opportunity to enjoy the many facets and multivariate forms that we see in the sculpture.

I fully understand that many, at the dark, dirty, noisy abusive coalface of women’s rights, can accuse me of objectification and my answer to that is yes, in the context if this post I am totally objectifying womens bits and in part falling into a pit of patriarchy and not respecting the people who have the bits. Frankly, some may have started life with different bits (a penis to spell it out) but had them remodeled, but so what.

Anyway, I love ’em all. Bits are such beautiful… well bits.

My wife’s but are absolutely fabulous, I’m saddened that she’s not one of the castees and has been immortalised in art, but we’ll there you go. I get to see them frequently and that makes me happy.

What make me happier more is going down on her, she does have a lovely kissable pussy and I have a lot of fun finding that spitm just to the left of her clit, that makes her cum. She also gas lovely neat pink lips that are soft squishy and snogable. To be honest, I can’t give any tips on technique other than if you enjoy what your doing then it shines through.

Anyway, that why I think that bunch of chumps in the title need to change their attitudes, its not about being subservient to an ideology, or about swapping the mechanics of patriarchy for something that’s the same but switches the gender or even forcing a gender bias its just accepting, respecting and likeing. Finally I guess its ensuring that the dynamic is equal.

Cherry picking sex-ed, funda-mentalist have a very special way of trying to make you see it their way.

I was just reading a post about fucking, that special kind of sanctimonious way that only anally inserted God bothers can.

Some dunbarse was talking about throwing their virginity away. Fundamentally they forgot one thing in that statement, first you make a conscious choice to gave sex. second if you were coerced then someone has committed a serious crime against your person, bloody Christians always being self-righteous and sanctimonious.

One of the thing that would me up about it was the chopping and changing between the old testament, the Hebrew bible and the new testament the Christian bible. Basically to cherry pick shit to justify their own personal shite belief’s.

Don’t use Judaic scripture to make up shit about sex. Judaism is the only religion (please correct me cos religions need this next bit) that command a husband to fuck his wife to ORGASM as part of the shabbat evening, God has commanded it. OK the English interpretation is “satisfy” but fuck it that’s been a euphemism for cumming for years. The Rabbis have muttered over it for around 5k years and have cone to that conclusion, therefore God invented sex to be enjoyed and as a necessary thing.

Before dipshits complain that it supposed to be in marriage, get real the world has moved on since a few old geezers got it together and knocked out the Torah over a few pints of kiddush wine. If you’ve ever tasted kiddush wine then you know that by the end of their ruminating they’d be wanting to think of something nice, like eating their missus pussy.

It’s not about marriage its a cojoined respectful relationship irrespective of gender or some ceremony. Two people who like each others company can fuck and no one can say otherwise.

Also before you gripe about STD and pregnancy, remember this god allowed his people to discover penicillin, HPV vaccine and hiv medications. God also let contraception be discovered. Think about it people, I’m Jewish so the devil doesn’t come into the equation for me, but what I know of the Christian devil is that it is less powerful than God, so if God don’t want it God ain’t gonna let some schmuck like the devil get in his way to ruin the masterplan.

Anyway to finish the gospel of Autosoma, fucking is good, fucking is fun, fucking is the work of God. Don’t ruin it kids by letting schmuck say its wrong.

“How do you feel about me?”, my gut tells my head and the answer is “I want to make love to you”

I read this post by Katrina at yala.wordpress. com. I’d made a comment because I’m a firm believer in gut instincts and gut feelings. Many times in the past I’ve listened to my gut, one in particular was when I was a senior manager of the web development department of major UK High Street retailer. I’d been tasked in taking there web presence from absolutely nothing to something (this was in the late 90’s). I’d handed my notice in and working my last month, when I was called in to see CEO, CMO, and CIO. Jointly they made me an offer, each would give me a tax free personal gift of a lot of money, a big pay rise, a non performance related bonus plus use of the company executive jet to fly me to another city and back at the weekends (was dating someone there, but it wasn’t serious).

My gut responded and the first words that came out of my mouth was no, I turned down a dream offer, a golden snare, even by today’s standards. The acceptance of it would be too much and I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I’d said yes.

Today, I had another gut response, for all of the ups and downs in our marriage, my wife asked me today; “How do you feel about me”. As soon as she said that, the only thought about how I feel about her is ” I want to make love to you”.

Think about that statement, I’m a horn dog, I’m sex obsessed. I love fucking in all its forms, but my initial response was “make love” not fuck or anything related to that. Fucking is good but making love to another human being is a deep expression of feeling. It’s meaningful.

So I introspected for a bit and self analysed what my gut had told my mind. She kept on asking for a reply as I was thinking and then I told her exactly the words I’d used to talk to myself. We chatted about it for a while before we then went off to the bedroom.

I could describe what happened next, but it was pretty much like our early days but without the vigour that we could muster from being 12 years younger. It was nice, she orgasmed, I orgasmed, it was nice and sensuous.

So perhaps we’ve had a turning point.