Halloween 2016… Already

My kids have already started planning next Hallowe’en. A totally WTF monent for me. I really couldn’t give a stuff about any of these retail driven holidays, but when did Hallowe’en become this obsessive for children?

I mean, it nothing special, why has it become “special”. I’ve noticed a trend over the last few years of it getting bigger and bigger. Its too many make-up how to’s, zombie walks and comic-con dressups.

This isn’t stuff we’re steering the kids towards, it’s youtube. I guess traditiobal broadcasters can’t compete with the user generated content on youtube.

But its not the dressup I object to about Hallowe’en, its the sugar rush candy extravaganza that comes with it now. An entire retaik event that probsble will create a new type of diabetes. Event driven sugar overload diabetes.


Ask yourself this simple question to avoid overspending: Amount, Benefit, Time I want to spend £x … Because I’ll benefit … This way, over this amount of time.

It’s a simple question to solve a difficult situation, overspending or frivolous spending is a killer for anyone or any family.

We had a situation recently where s lot if money was haemorrhaged during half term, on nothing. We had this stupid idea to treat the kids and funfairs and films and toys eat a huge amount of cash.

So now we plan to ask a question when ever spending occurs.

We want to go to the funfair and spend £190 (amount) because the kids will have fun (benefit) for a couple of hours (time).

By saying that out loud it gives you an opportunity to really hear what you are spending your cash on.

We need to find d a way to stop being bullied by the kids into spending stupid amounts on tat.

This is the time that we need to learn to communicate

I thought I was being OK, DW told me I was trying to start a fight. Well maybe I have in the past, it wasn’t my actual intention. I guess this us where our real differences lie, I’m trying to say how I feel clearly, or how I believe it to be clear, but sod it, she is right.

I’ve invested a lot of myself into this relationship along the way I have made some regrettable catastrophic mistakes, I try to hold myself accountable and be open in that.

Obviously, everything that I say trying to express my feelings and beliefs will be the cause of a fight. Meh! So what, remember this process is on navigating the rights and well-being of the children, irrespective of the fact that mummy and daddy don’t work as a couple.

Move forward slowly, steadily its what’s best for the children and what’s good for them.

And with that will come a better space for the children.

Closed, biased and opaque. The bullshit and tragedy of parental separation for children

I’ve always tried to be open with people, rather than twisty turney messed up shit. Irrespective of anything being open, honest and transparent keeps your personal integrity.

Integrity, I believe, is so important  to anyone going through a separation, whether a conscious uncoupling (DW is trying to suggest we do that) or dirty, nasty messy (what ours will turn into). DW hasn’t been the easiest and clearest person to live with. There had been so much dishonesty on her part that at times I felt I was going insane.

So here we are, separating, mixed signals left right and front and centre. Today she went to kiss me, I dodged that bullet, last night we fucked, I mistakenly tried to show her affection, she then said “fuck me”, so I did.

This is a situation where I need to be mindful and clear. Sadly, I had a very abusive childhood and between the age of seven or eight when I was introduced to sex by abusive parents, I’ve been cheap as chips where women are concerned, seeking affection and emotional connection through sex as that’s how I received affection and emotional connection from my mother.

What my concern is, is that by being closed, biased and opaque which is now what I expect from DW, amicability will go out of the window and we’ll be mired in bullshit and tragedy and the ones who will really suffer are two little girls who do not deserve this shit.

Well, integrity, that is all I can give to this, well actually I have two top notch social workers/child therapists on the side of the kids, I have some other thoughts and plans too.

TV there is just too much violent, weird, sexualized garbage on

If starting to get fed up of broadcasters schedules, BSkyB, Virgin, Freeview its terrible scheduling. Children’s TV the cartoons are garbage, made by immature adults for immature adults containing theorems that disturb kids and cause them to act out.

Even the documentary channels are awash with shit that ill educated dopes could only find interesting.

I’d like for TV to be simple and interesting stuff where the kids can watch, enjoy and not be subject to disturbing concepts. Trouble is broadcast media is a haven for abusers, hip, edgy and weird is not new and innovative it’s a home for those who are just to afraid of the consequences of their actions if they get caught and so sail close to the edge of grooming so they can get their rocks off.

Biscuit snack stack


Squirty cream.
Choco-o-nuts peanut chocolate butter.
Biscoff biscuit butter.
Blueberry Jam.
Vanilla butter creme.
Digestive biscuits.
Silver Dragees to decorate.

Send off to bedroom, with TV on to give mum & dad a sunday break.

We’ll clean up the sugar rush mess later 

Operating system agnostic kids, all we need is Apple and we have the full set, except

Neither I or DW my wife, likes Apple products.

Our kids quite happily switch from windows 7 to crunchbang linux, then to windows 8.1 and on to android then to chromeOS and finally to raspbian. Actually, it’s the Google techology that they inhabit via chrome.

At this moment one is youtubing on crunchbang, the other is editing a drum track in html5drummachine.com on windows 8.1.

Maybe at some point we should get them each an iPad, but they are more than happy with their nexus’.

I wonder what it will be like in five years time?