Alcohol and parenting, stop the drinking and be responsible.

Today, at 8:50 a mum in the playground was pissed, not pissed angry, pissed as in inebriated. It stuns me how people forgo driving a car when the have 0.08% bac, yet they will quite cheerfully get shitfaced drunk looking after children. This isn’t by far an isolated incident at the school gate.

Hogarth’s Gin Alley and Beer Street Wikipedia.

This morning at the school gate a mum was shitfaced dropping her kid off at school. 8:50 in the morning. That’s a dedicated twat fo’ sure. I vaguely understand being pissed at 3:30. I know I could do it there’s quite a nice boozer not far from the school I could easily go in there at 1pm and start hitting the sauce.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen thus at the school gate. The thing is what kind of fuck up thinks that they should be doing anything after they’ve had a drink, it impairs cognitive processes. Mind you these are the same arseholes who think its ok to drink and drive. So no pity from me when you kill your kid or now someone down in your motor cos you think in your stupidity its ok to drink and do anything.


Week 14:5 back to school with a vengance

Today is the first day back at school, our usual school run involves a bus and the tube. It often amazes me how shit adults are around young children on public transport. They get snotty if they have seats, they get snotty if they are standing, generally you realise that the vast majority of Londoners are awful.

The trip on the tube isn’t so bad as we go against commuter traffic, but still you encounter the occasional tool.

Minecraft, PC or Xbox, my eight year old daughter is undecided

For the last two weeks we’ve been watching stampylongnose and iballisticsquid tubes no stop. So I’m pretty much clued up now on the minecraft genre.

Tomorrow, I have to start building her a parcour and pixel art world. So today she was informing me of the arguments raging back and forth over xbox versus PC, oh well, there you go. It’s started.

I have to admit stampy and squid are excellent, oh yeh and amy lee 33. My youngest loves squiddy and is still wearing her ballisticsquid costume that we made her, except on the day she was in fancy dress some of the mums at the school gate complained about her dressed as a monster. Loves, your school gate alcoholism (yes, several collect their kids pissed) is more monsterous than a kid who is enthralled by modern culture.

I guess stampy and squiddy haven’t hit chat and loveit yet. Well it’ll be in EastEnders when the beeb catch up with the real world rather than their arseholes.

Poor behaviour is poor behaviour no matter what your background.

Independent schools, private schools, non state schools, what an utter farce. The brand identity of your common or garden school is that they are elitist, truth is that is only in their own shallow arrogant minds.

Yesterday, we bumped into Hugo Buttholio-Twattingstall (name change), he is at the independent school my children were at. He is eleven, he is an arse hole, he is a nasty, bullying, smug idiot, just like his mum. He told my five year old daughter to “fuck off, bitch, fuck off”. Clytemnestra his mum, did nothing about it, she has that disgraceful meth chic, that only the self centered, think they are perfect, fashionista look that you develop from going to one too many media junkets and thinking it makes you important.

So I asked Clytemnestra to make him apologise, she wouldn’t, I looked her square in the eyes and pointed out, that he hears it somewhere at home and judging by your behavior, his male role model says it to women, thus I’m assuming its your husband and I can understand from your self abrogating behaviour he says it to you.

Oh, she went ballistic, it was so funny, in a public place, I then said I was  ringing the police, she worked herself up even more. Trying to grab my phone. I said quietly and firmly, you are committing several crimes here, all of which I will pursue with the police and ensure that you receive the highest penalty possible.

She shut up grabbed her kid and ran for her car, i snapped a pic.

My point is is that independent school do not create good behaviours, you may learn the pretense of good behaviour, but if the foundations at home aren’t there, then a child does not have the role models and end up going on to perpetuate poor behavior.

Independent schools act as a screen, state schools have an obligation regardless of your income to report behaviours that stem from an abusive environment (I use abuse in the wider sense).

Ultimately, when people sneer and complain about state schools, it’s not the schools fault, it’s the parents fault as that is where children get their primary socialisation.

Anyway, I haven’t, pursued Clytemnestra, not worth my time or effort.

Not the best way to get rid of nits, but damn does it work

The ammonia in perpanent hair colour is about the only thing that can shift the cement that lice use to attach the nits (eggs) to hair. The insecticides don’t really cut it either as lice are becoming more and more resistant to it.

Since the DDs’ have been at the new school, they haven’t had a re-infestation of lice, unlike the independent school, where they were constantly re-infested all the time. During the school holidays we’d eradicate the little bastards (lice not DDs’) but as soon as they got back to the independent school  a re-infestation occurred. Thing is lice love fine, blond western hair and jump to it in droves. Sadly, the majority of the parents at the independent school weren’t that inclined to deal with the problem, I guess they didn’t want to believe that raj’s and rajaya’s were transmission vectors for lice (ffs who calls there kid emperor and empress in English, there is something really fucked in Urdu and Sanskrit).

Take that as you will, but as a British Jewish family (W9’s) we were in the minority of Native Brits (W1’s) and Native Brits were in the minority at the independent school most were A1s’ and O1.

It seems that this is becoming more and more common in east London and Essex border, there have been a number of parents that have moved to our new State faith school for exactly those reasons. It’s quite a difficult subject to talk about, seeing your child ostracised because Urdu, Malayalam Tugulu and other such languages. My kids are over the moon that everyone else is a native English speaker. Not good eh!

Getting them to school, kids and the complexity of the school run

Another morning and another school run. It’s a simple and complicated procedure. Depending on what time they fell asleep, decides the mood they’ll wake up in. DD1 makes this really horrible squeeling noise when you wake her up. It’s horrible, its like dry chalk on a blackboard. Then she starts refusing to go to school. DD2 is much better at waking up, less grumpy and miserable. Recently, she’s taken to waking at seven rather than the half five she’s been doing over winter.

Still, got them dressed, gave them food and drink, let them watch some TV then it’s off to catch the bus. Some mornings it can be a difficult two minute walk. Today wasn’t bad. Then to the Tube station, that can be a bit hairy, mainly due to the commuter crowd, most people in London don’t give a fuck about their fellow travellers and push shove and jostle their way into a station and on to the tube.

So we’re on the tube, then while I’m reading a bit of the metro, DD2 grabs it wanting to look at the comics. It was really annoying, it would be great if primary school kids could learn patience, but I guess that won’t come until they are older (only 13 years to go and I can pack both of them off to the Army, university, work) .

So we had a bit of a sulk and a strop. It makes you feel really guilty about a being a bad parent when the throw a wobbler on public transport, you really feel like you’re being judged. Also you don’t want a mumsnet lentil weaver posting about the shit dad, or some one youtubing it and it going viral.

That’s the tough thing now-a-days, not only do you feel that you’re being scrutinised you can be scrutinised now too.

Week 14:1

Today is the start of week 14 of 2014.
After paying rent on Friday and a general shop yesterday, we’re down to £120, until Wednesday, when I get my weekly stipend of £100.

As you saw last Monday we still have a debt of £13950 to sort out. Fingers crossed, because it’s the start of the new tax year, DW’s tax burden will be reduced and on Friday she’ll get more in her pay packet, so next Friday we should be able to sort out some of the burden.

Things to do for the coming week.

  • Monday – school run.
  • Tuesday – school run. Clinic between 10-12 for vasectomy information
  • Wednesday – school run, flat viewing @ 9:30, library @ 3:30 with DD2, DD1 dance class.
  • Thursday – school run play date after school?
  • Friday – school run end of term, seder.

Flat viewing. We can’t afford to move in the next two months, but we have to move in four months time when our tenancy is up.

That’s likely to be quite expensive. We got to organise getting a place, dumping junk we’re not taking (skip – cost). Finally, the removal costs.

Then there is the deposit, first rent and cross-over rent if we move out before our tenancy is up. It looks like it will be quite a juggling act. Time for me to do sketch notes, A3 reporting and a Kaizen/Gantt map.

Its an interesting way to visualise an organising problem, which I will explain in a future post.