I feel like a needy fraud right now

I’ve just been notified that my father has died.


I’m estranged from my family, so I was contacted in a round about way. I was explaining the difficulties we are facing at the moment.

My wife is in remission from Breast cancer, my eldest daughter is being treated at GOSH for JAI and we’re facing eviction and homelessness.

I don’t wish to appear cold but his death is the least of my troubles. Yet I feel like a fraud for relating our pain to an estranged family member.

How fucked up am I


On School

I really don’t like the school yard. DD2 was 10 minutes late going into class, why? because mums had to badger the teacher. I would be more understanding if it was badgering along the lines of “little princess is having trouble with phonic, could you give her a bit of one to one” or “my angelic prince need help with numbers”. But no, it why can’t little princess eat non kosher sweets in class, because it’s a school and a Jewish school as well.

Well on my way home now, no incidents really, DD1 was stroppy because she didn’t get enough sleep. She can be really stubborn and nasty in the mornings. DD2 as usual didn’t eat, she likes to drink coconut and pineapple juice, which is sweet and filling (luckily, the only brand she’ll drink also contains protein and fibre).

So they are deposited at school, what I need to do next is sort out what I have to do when I get home, coffee, dishes, laundry, tidy a bit of surfing, do the diary and budget for the week and maybe some other stuff.