The trick to making cheap British bacon halfway decent (aka crispy not soggy)


Anyone who has lived in Britain knows how shit our bacon is, it’s soggy pink stuff that you get from a supermarket that’s been soaked in brine to make it weigh more. Its nothing like Canadian bacon or the crispy Yank maple stuff, you wouldn’t think it comes from the same animal.

There are two tricks to improving your bacon, one is to microwave it before frying, so that all the squelch comes out, the other is to air dry it for a day.

The second trick also works with chicken (you know the slimy sugar solution soaked chicken breasts) and other cuts of meat. Let your steak air dry for a day to get a crispy caramelised outer coating for your blue or rare steak.

Hear is my dish of the day

Brussel Sprouts with Bacon

Microwave then fry bacon, microwave Brussels, combine, eat, enjoy


Best pen to use with Filofax paper


I use an old A5 Filofax, I’ve had it for 30 odd years, not with the original diary I might add. Filofax paper is a bit poor and finding a decent pen to use is, well, you have pens you like but the paper ruins the writing experience.

Above we have from top to bottom, a gel pen, a Parker fountain pen, sharpie and a Parker roller with Mont Blanc refill.

The gel pen smears on to the other leaf if you haven’t allowed enough drying time, the Quink ink in the fountain pen bleeds but the sharpie and the roller ball give a nice clean write.

I have to say that the best note taking paper for the fountain pen is a Staples M.Arc pad.


The paper has a very fine smooth surface, I think it may have china clay in it. It give a firm smooth write so you can write quickly with an inkpen with no bleed.

Two personal improvement techniques I’m trying; Best day ever & The Week’s Achievements

I’ve been trying a couple of techniques to improve my personal lot in life. The first one is daily, “Best Day Ever” it’s sort of a daily affirmation, I wake up and say internally this is the best day ever, then, once I’m out of bed, I say it out loud. Then while I’m having my morning cuppa, I write down a long hand todo list of how my day will play out. Once I’ve finished my cuppa, then I rewrite it as a standard todo list. It’s a way of embedding it in my subconscious. I’m going to gave to modify it by adding pitfalls and problems, basically how I visualise myself dealing with a problem.


As you can see I use an A5 Filofax

The to do list is wildly general
Get every one up happily
Take girls to school without any grief
Do laundry
Collect girls from school without any grief
Put the girls to bed with a story without fights

Simple stuff, some are static, like the school run, but its good to visualise a nice time. Other things get added in like a reminder to do the damn laundry or clean the kitchen floor.

The next one is weekly, what I have achieved this week, applying for jobs, getting interviews, not bring angry or nasty, being frugal, orgasms with DW, not getting angry about DW’s drinking. Again simple stuff.

Thing is the simple stuff makes for an easier life.