Filled French Toast rolls with Jambon et Crouton Frittata


Easy Peasy meal again, slice the crust off bread, put on a slice of ham, roll it up, egg it fry it.

With the sliced up crust, cube it, fry it with ham, then pour on the remaining egg. Cook, serve.



Home made nigirisyshi & makisushi for my kids


Well, I got creative in the kitchen for our daughters. I made them sushi for supper, frankly it’s a cheap, easy peasy meal to make.

Knock up a plain omelet with an egg, sluce the bugger into things strips, do the same with cucumber,

Boil up some rice. Have some seaweed and your sushi rolling mat to hand (yep, we have that in the kitchen cupboards, the sprogs like snacking on seaweed – plenty of iodine, minerals and salts)

Boil up some rice I actually find any old rice will do. Just don’t wash it and let the starch make it sticky.

Slap it on the seaweed, roll the stuff up make some cuboids of rice. Slap on some salmon trimmings, bit of omelet.

There you have it a a fancy pants sushi meal for my sprogs, fuck the posho Islington mum’s going to M&S and Waitrose for expensive sushi.

I worked out that I could make a killing with the Islington dipshits. 5 sheets of seeweed £2.50, cucumber 50p, eggs, a quid a half dozen. Salmon trimmings £1.75, rice 2 quid a small bag. So £7.50 would make 45 sushi disks, I can slice 9 per sheet if seaweed.

5 per pack (OK need to factor the packaging) sell it at £3 per pack Artisan Sushi I reckon I could flog at a higher price. So that would be £30 gross at a £10 outlay. So a 67% return on investment.

OK so there’s the packaging and licensing cost s I haven’t factored but, hey! It’s an idea.


My Global Sushi knife

Tofu dusted with Telma and cornflour fried in sesame and groundnut oil


Tonight, the sprogs are making sushi, I’ve got a rolling mat, some nori and sticky rice so they can roll it out. The fillings are salmon, tuna and omelet.

To go with it I’ve done some plain tofu (my two aren’t into spicy yet), dusted with cornflour and telma chicken soup powder. I’ve then fried it in sesame and groundnut oils.

Tastes fucking good, even if I say so myself.

So once they’ve made their sushi hopefully the little loves will eat it.

Sweet chili soy tofu marinade


Put in Tupperware,
pour soy around the bottom,
pour Encona sweet chili sauce on top.
Close Tupperware.

Put in fridge

Leave for 36 hours, the soy soaks in from the bottom

The chili in from the top tofu be in a sponge and all.

Drain, press, fry in sesame oil (or bake if you prefer)


Sweet Crisp Caramel Char Steak & Rocket tonight


Yesterday DW, my wife, bought some rather fancy steak, we were going to eat it last night, but she wasn’t feeling too good. So I air dried it overnight, salted it and then while DW was putting the sprogs to bed. I heated up a cast iron griddle pan till it was red hot and flip fried the steak.

In order to get a nice sweet crisp caramel char on the outer surface and a moist easy to chew interior, you need high heat, a dry surface to the steak and flip every 10-30 seconds depending on how you want it done.

Served with the nice peppery tang of rocket its just right for The UK’s mothers day or that stupid US Steak and a blowie day (BTW I get a good blowie two to three times a week – so good steak is the pivotal thing for us).