More job hunting, two interviews today more to come

So today it was a face to face with a director and a manager, hour and a half of chatting, I was quite talked out by the end of it, nice people, stumbled on some of the tech questioning, the subject matter area is quite a broad church, especially as I’m OS agnostic which is quite difficult for some to take, you’re either M$ or *nix plus you’re expected to be a jack of all trades. I come from a purist development background, so do the build to delivery with software performance optimisations, security, automation, QA and debugging, rather than the network infrastructure administration. Do you want a shit or a haircut ‘cos you can’t have both.

It was a nice firm, rather liked them, but it’s not going to be a fit for them, personality, abilities etc. Oh well. Next interview was don’t an interview it was a written desk test, fine 30 mins of scribbling, time up, off you go, we’ll mark it and get back to you.

Tomorrow its two TelInts I need at 9am the other at 3pm, Friday another TelInt and a face to face Monday. I need to rejig my CV and remove the intern networking stuff as I’m not too strong on that. I have got a load of Kindle books that I need to re-read to refresh my memory regarding the super and sub net masking, and nodes on a network by bitmask /range as for the life of me I couldn’t remember. Then again why should I? I really don’t want to be a wiremonkey.


My ongoing job hunt

Well since yesterday I’ve now got three confirmed interviews, Twp Wednesday and one Thursday. I’ve taken today off from job hunting as I had parenting class until 2pm ands DVIP class until 8:30, also I have a cold.

My wife’s former boss is fucking her around over her wages, by making excuses not to pay her. Maybe, she needs to point out to the legal department that looking up her skirt and texting/calling late at night and at the weekend is not on. Interestingly, he only started criticising her when she pointed out that he was sending texts to my phone as she’d given him my number by accident when he asked for her personal number (just in case there was a late night problem). You know how it is, I know my wife mobile number better than my own as I call her mores than I call myself.

So maybe soon I’ll have a job and the pressure is off her.

My job hunting desk


Last week DW, my wife, lost her job. We knew her contract was coming to an end and she was pretty meh! about renewing it, so we decided that we were going to switch roles, me back in the workforce, her the SATP. Cool, we have no problems with that, at the time we discussed it she had about 4-6 weeks on her contract. Unfortunately, the Safa Boor Miso who was her boss preempted that for us. Do now I’m hunting for a job.

In the last week, I’ve had 10ish contacts from agencies, one TelInt that was not for either of us, no jobspec, wrong role, arrogant cock of a interviewer. I’ve got a pretty interview tech test this week, so I’m positive about getting a job, whether its the job I want, that’s different.

So this is what my job hunt desk looks like, laptop running a customised #! Desktop, Nexus 7 for quick surfs and my job hunt phone, down on the left is my personal phone (one that DW, school, children contact me on).

I quite like this desk, its made of two trestle chairs so it has shelves and an IKEA wardrobe drawer, quite cool huh!

On the right you can see my M.Arc A4 notepad, my pens, my Laguiole pen knife letter opener and multiport charger.

At this moment its early days, so I’m not that worried, if in a month from now, I’m still sitting at my job hunt desk, then I’ll get tweaky.

Oh! My career where has it gone, what should I do next.

My career has evaporated, it’s been a year since I last worked,, I grew to really hate all aspects of the jobs that I have done. It’s not for want of being talented, I’m an exceptional software engineer, I’ve been doing it though for a long time, even longer when you take into account I wrote my first programme at the age of thirteen 35 damn years ago.

What I hate the most about IT, networking and software engineering is that little has actually changed in those 35 years, the arrogant anal retentive, I know better attitude was there at the beginning and is still here today. I find the work boring now, there is so little that has improved, yes new technologies have sprung up, slightly different ways of doing things yet the same trite mindset is there today. You go for an interview at a start-up, whilst the idea may be innovative, the execution remains the same. The lack of vision in the workplace and the mismanagement in the workplace is there. No one stops to look at what is being done or the way it is being done.

Over ten years ago new methodologies sprung into life, then after writing software for a generation I felt that new life had been breathed into computing, the agile methodologies had been birthed, a few businesses could see the merit of them, as an early adopter I felt things were going to change and they did. Somehow in the last three years agile has become the new waterfall a hidebound dogmatic way of doing things. This came about as there was a shift in recruiting and that the certification became cheaper and more widespread. Now every man and his dog is an agile this, that or the other. It doesn’t matter how much lipstick you smear on a pig, it’s still a pig. So now we have this huge ungainly mass of men who are now agile in software development but lack the flexibility to deeply understand, that (to steal from Joel Spolsky) to be smart and get things done isn’t about jumping on a band wagon but to have the real skills that makes you smart and gets things done. What I’ve seen over the couple of years before I finally quit work, is loads of men who think they know something yet debase the agile methodologies into something akin to waterfall. This is mainly due to the fact they don’t know what they are doing but rather than admit that, they blindly force the business into their way of doing things.

So as you can see ennui has set in for me, I go to a job interview listen and think – it’s not changed, there really is no innovation here. You toe the agile line, use the tla’s and buzzwords and I’ve lost interest. I know getting a job is about selling yourself, spinning up just how wonderful I am and that I’ll turn your world around, but five sentences into them selling themselves to me and I’ve lost interest.

I think from time to time I should start my own business, but my potential clientele is the same boring lot who I loose interest in during an interview. You see I like the cutting edge, while I’ve been a stay at home dad, I’ve taught myself all the really new bleeding edge things. I’m a bit like the Old Grey Whistle test to Thoughtworks Tech radar.

So what should I do next? I dunno.

Dealing with a workplace bully, pity you can’t deal with it like a playground bully.

Well, my wife has encountered her first workplace bully in her new job. He’s, by her description, an old school middle age man, allegedly ex-army, pot bellied with a very “do what I say” attitude. I don’t like men like that, I loath bullies in the first place and the ones with a sense of superiority and entitlement really get to me.

Back when I was a kid, my grandfather taught me that; when they [bullies] use a stick, find a bigger stick. That worked for me for quite sometime. Any fucker who tried it on, I would find after school and hurt, sometimes quite badly. As some regular readers of my twaddle will know, I’m pretty much an empathic psychopath.

So having done some research into workplace bullying it’s pretty evident that there is a disconnect between the reality of a workplace (irrespective of gender dominance) and the theory behind managing bullying. In our politically correct western world, we have this belief that the authorities are there to protect and support us. Well, it’s not the case, it’s reactive rather than proactive and any authority will go to significant lengths to protect their reactionary behaviours, rather than be proactive. If you extend that logical thought a proactive environment is a much more productive one and increased productivity means greater income.

Being proactive requires analysing and assessing a situation before it happens and then using observation to nip it in the bud early. Whilst most of the online information is about assessing, identifying and reporting that you are being bullied that doesn’t help the individual whilst it is going on – you still have to live and suffer it with little in the way of support.

Not good, not good at all. In a conversation with my wife, we discussed her initial interpretation and observation of the man who will become her workplace bully. Once her description was complete, I agreed that this particular man is the Kapo/Camp Guard/ gesetzlichen Ordnung, by that I mean he is using a mid level position to bully, push around, be disrespectful or dominate subordinates or co-workers. Now how can this he dealt with?

There is the legitimate route that you can take, document, record, diarise and report. That takes time. In order to support and help my wife, she needs a secure safe home environment (I hope I provide that), next is the financial support (we don’t have that, I don’t provide any financial support) and lastly the belief that the authorities in the workplace will support her (again my above point covers that).

So how about a radical new departure; I’m tempted to ring my wife’s employers work place and have a pre-emptive strike and inform them that there is unacceptable behaviour in the workplace on my wife’s behalf. Second, is to contact the man in question directly and threaten him in such a way that if he does anything that makes my wife even slightly uncomfortable, he will suffer the direct action consequences of making me unhappy because of his behaviour to my wife.

So there you have it, my new approach to resolving workplace bullying. Does anyone have any thoughts, coments constructive advice?

Thinking saucy thoughts in the afternoon and looking forward to this evening.

I was just thinking about my wife and her new job she’s had to change from regular casual to a much more formal outfit. Geives and  Hawks blouses and black skirts. Today she was wearing a pink herringbone blouse, black skirt with a bow detail on the pleats, nude thong and white full cup bra, black boots. Also she was wearing 10 denier tights. That’s the bit I want to talk about. I would much prefer her to wear stockings or hold-ups. So my mind was drifting to her wearing stockings and watching her dress in the morning.

She does have a superb collection of suspender belts, ranging from the narrow ones made by la Perla, to the girdle variety from Made by Niki and the Modern Courtesan. She also has the 12 strap variety too. It’s nice to see the suspender straps pushing through the material of her skirt, very sexy indeed and as she’s managing three separate teams comprising fifty blokes then I think it would be cool for her to have a bit of sexiness going on in the unaccountably drab world of infrastructure and networks.

Thing is we both know she’s a scapegoat for the upcoming failure of the disaster recovery fail-over. So her contract will not be renewed. Having done numerous disaster recovery fail-overs I already know this one is going to be a catastrophe as most DR’s are a lashup of configuration over confusion. So we’re managing this job as a stepping stone for her career. In her last job she got worked up about going perm, but all the bastards were doing was using it as a carrot on a stick to get her to be compliant.

Anyway back to her in stockings, watching her put them on in the morning will get me very horny, I’m pretty horny in the mornings anyway and I wish we could put my morning glory to good satisfying use, but DW isn’t up for a early rise shag. Pity as I’m bigger first thing rather than last thing at night and a good stretch and workout will set us up for the day.

So as I said, I suspect she’s been employed as a stooge and a fallgirl, we’ll see we could be pleasantly surprised.

So men are the new women, how a misogynist collapsed with a pretend seizure because the woman he was bullying got a better new job

My wife caused a needy self-serving entitled misogynist to have a monster hissy fit and tantrum at work. This man has organised constructive dismissal against my wife and as such, as any sensible person would do under those circumstances, she found herself a better paid, more senior job.

It turns out that Greg, the 43 manbaby, US/Canadian MRA PUA with a taste for teenage women, (he games festivals). Has applied to this particular company  a number of times and never got asked for an interview. DW, my wife got the job with in a week of applying.

Yesterday, he overheard her saying where she was going to and he had a right meltdown. When one of the senior managers saw what he was doing and asked him to stop. He pretended to have a seizure, as Cancer Research UK has quite a number of medical professionals working there, one of them went to check him out and asked him to stop faking the seizure.

This man has made my wife’s working life miserable, in turn its impacted our family life and now the entitled little fool has had his cumuppance. Wonderful, revenge a dish best served cold.

It is a shame that misogyny is getting worse and that these professional incompetents are ruining the workplace for everyone. I’ve encountered this particular sort of man in my career and they make it unpleasant for everyone and unbearable for  women.

The worst thing of all is that they think they are superior for this but actually they are not. I’m no white knight, I’ve screwed around way too much before marriage, and I mostly don’t give a flying fuck about people unless it has an impact on my loved ones (only three, wife and two daughters).

I’d love to give him a hiding, just for the sadistic fun of it. Break him the way he tried to break my wife but she succeeded… hooray