Gillette Embrace best razor for shaving you head if you have arthritic hands


Best for your nut

The cost is disgraceful, it’s much more expensive to buy women’s razors than men’s. I discovered the other day that the razor my wive yses for her legs and bits, is so much nicer to hold when your shaving your head.

It’s got a large flat handle, which means that for old arthritic fingers like mine, it makes it easier to hold.

it’s annoying though that women have to pay more for essentially the same thing. The blade cartridge is much more expensive than the equivalent men’s blade cartridge. It’s annoying, frankly I think blokes should absorb the cost of waxing and shaving for women, frankly I think if you ask any woman the reasons and causes if shaving their pits, bits and legs it’s because they’ve been convinced to by men. You know the reasons in order of importance sex and everything else, women feel pressured by peers and men.

Don’t get me wrong, I find my wife’s lack of body hair sexy (but then just for variety I fantasise about her full bush). But the cost of it. I once had a chat with a woman who recond disposable cartridges should be disposed of every time. If I was to shave every day or even twice a day, that would be bloody expensive.

A blade cartridge can easily last 3 months before it blunts to the point of scrape. In some respects I feel sad for young women who are convinced by the style & beauty industry to part with more cash than they should.


fairy hunt

fairy hunt

Lip care

Mustache jewelry
$11 –

Monki sweater

Mac cosmetic

Maybelline lipstick
$12 –

If we weren’t skint some stuff I’d Love to buy for DW.

Kristel Turtle Neck Top  Kriss Soonik

Kristel Turtle Neck Top


Kristel Suspender Top

Kristel Suspender Top


Kristel Polo Thong

Kristel Polo Thong

Kristel Polo Tank Top

Kristel Polo Tank Top

They can be bought here. At Kriss Soonik’s online shop. I think these are gorgeous and would suit DW to a T. It also has a double benefit as it would hide a mastectomy bra. I’m going to have to say that the global lingerie manufacturers and designers have not caught onto the fact that women are still beautiful and gorgeous after having a mastectomy. The Angelina Jolie anouncement was a bit of a┬ánon-sequitur in my book. An elective mastectomy and breast implants is not the same as discovering you have cancer and have to have an amputation.


We once went into the Rigby and Peller shop on Bow lane Cheapside, to ask about post mastectomy bras and being fitted. The two girls in the shop were so vacuous, that DW didn’t have the confidence that they would measure her correctly, they seemed unsympathetic about what she was asking and very vague as to what could be done. This was 18 months ago, when we were both working and didn’t have money problems. I’m a big fan of lingerie and have no problem with spending a lot on stuff that makes DW feel super sexy and feminine (There is a benefit for me as I get to see my beautiful DW looking sexy and well you can guess the rest).


With the increase in breast cancer in women under 40, you’d think manufacturers would see a golden opportunity to make money, especially as there is no VAT on there products, wholesalers and retailers would stand to make more money. And irrespective of the age that a woman has breast cancer, so what the over 40, 50 60, 70,80’s have a right to feel supported, comfortable, feminine. If I live to a 100 (which is likely – we have longevity in my family) I’ll still find DW gorgeous at the ripe old age of 87.


My grandfathers last act on this planet, before he shuffled off this mortal coil, was to have a glass of whiskey, in a bar before topping off the stool and dropping dead at the ripe old age of 85. I will add that he had the sense to finish his drink first. He was on his way out to see one of his girlfriends (at this point he liked them younger about 60 odd) to do some old time and modern dancing with her.


I want my last act on this planet to be in bed with my beautiful DW making as passionate love as I can, in my dotage, to her.

While I’m on the subject of sexy undies, this is another good site for lingerie Hepburn and Leigh. There are some stunning designer there, but again, when I have the cash, I’ll have difficulty in choosing.

I was just about to go on a rant that men should stand up and recognise that women are beautiful no matter what has happened to their bodies. But I just realised that if I do that then I’m going to get a spanking from mumsnet harridans, wimin and the usual crew of anarcho-fems who think its solely there business and that men should but out of the world of breast cancer. Sad to say that the vast majority of this world is a patriarchy and that the only way for a change will be in the way that men perceive women. Or more to the point men and women should go hand in hand to change the way it it as equals in changing the perception.

I will apologise now if any woman feels offended by what I’ve said. That is not my intent. It something I feel passionate about and if my stumbling explanation has offended, let me know an I will send you a personal apology.


my look

my look

Rose hair clip

River Island headband hair accessory
$11 –

Amethyst bracelet
$395 –

Heart jewelry
$40 –

Orelia pink heart jewelry
$16 –

NYX lips makeup


Being Smooth

Being Smooth

$24 –

Body cleanser
$33 –

Manicure tool
$180 –

Golddachs Shaving Mug