Gillette Embrace best razor for shaving you head if you have arthritic hands


Best for your nut

The cost is disgraceful, it’s much more expensive to buy women’s razors than men’s. I discovered the other day that the razor my wive yses for her legs and bits, is so much nicer to hold when your shaving your head.

It’s got a large flat handle, which means that for old arthritic fingers like mine, it makes it easier to hold.

it’s annoying though that women have to pay more for essentially the same thing. The blade cartridge is much more expensive than the equivalent men’s blade cartridge. It’s annoying, frankly I think blokes should absorb the cost of waxing and shaving for women, frankly I think if you ask any woman the reasons and causes if shaving their pits, bits and legs it’s because they’ve been convinced to by men. You know the reasons in order of importance sex and everything else, women feel pressured by peers and men.

Don’t get me wrong, I find my wife’s lack of body hair sexy (but then just for variety I fantasise about her full bush). But the cost of it. I once had a chat with a woman who recond disposable cartridges should be disposed of every time. If I was to shave every day or even twice a day, that would be bloody expensive.

A blade cartridge can easily last 3 months before it blunts to the point of scrape. In some respects I feel sad for young women who are convinced by the style & beauty industry to part with more cash than they should.