yes your tired because of the high intensity negative emotions

Every day it’s the same frustrated and angry, negative high intensity. It wears you out. The complexities and difficulties of the day just bear down on you and when it comes to the end of the day, you are dog tired. That tiredness reduces your inhibitions, and causes you to express yourself in a negative high intensity way. Basically you explode with rage, well that’s how I intetpretated the first few paragraphs of this HBR article.

My anger and frustrations today.

Frustration 1. 8am tried to ring for doctors appointment 12 calls in 9 minutes because even though they’re supposed to be open at 8am their not. Then several engaged calls, because there is one person answering final through only to be no appointments because the 1 doctor has taken a sick day and no replacement.

Frustration 2. The way people weave about on the pavement. I don’t think I walk quickly, but obviously I do, then its people crowding and stopping in shop doorways, and not understanding change on the bus.

Actually as I write this I’ve had a minimal frustrating angry day. Most days I’m angry because of my wife’s drinking and hyper behaviour. Today she didn’t behave that way. And yet, I’m feeling freaked because she’s not drunk or manic, its difficult to handle.

For the last three years we’ve lived in a high intensity negative world.

Maybe a long spell of low intensity positive may help.