When do you realise there is a mental health issue and whoes is it.

From my shallow understanding of mental health a neurosis is when you personally know you have something wrong. A psychosis is when you don’t.

I’ve often heard from people as well that mental illness can be “caught”, again my understanding of that is when you’re in close proximity to someone with an issue that you (I in this case) start to adopt mannerisms and behaviours that on the surface appear to be mental health issues.

I’m not sure I really have mental health issues, now this is one of those situations where I could be trapped, saying I don’t have it when some of my behaviours ” scream” that I do, is also a giant flag.

On Thursday/Friday my wife went through some issues where she started to “fracture”, its two months since we had the big one that’s thrown us into disarray. Fortunately, this time it was no where near as bad. In the past week after attending several weeks of alcohol therapy she’s gone abstinent.

Thus is actually a mix of us having next to no money and her own choice.

Actually, she has been diagnosed in the past, at university, as being bi-polar, but has avoided finding out further due to stigma and “face”.

The last year was awful with her having “episodes” frequently and then recovering. What makes me wirry about myself is that I vear the brunt of it and cone away thinking “what did I do to cause that” and then digging myself into a pit of misery to try to overcome the problems and understand it.

At times I end up thinking I’m so selfish in wanting to separate as I leave her by herself to hurt, harm and damage herself further. Yet in the same frame I do that to myself.

It’s very difficult living in a relationship with possible mental health problems, I;ve taken myself along to a doctor and have been diagnosed with depression. My choice and my own free will because I know there is something wrong somewhere and I want help.

On the other hand, the only reason that my wife has had alcohol therapy is that she has been forced into doing it by social services, so she’s not doing it of her own free will.

Is that the difference? This whole mess ends up making you question over and over again.