If sex is still meaningful, does that means that there is meaning in the relationship

There does seem to be a trend in posts about sexless marriages and it does strike me as odd, that there is no physical intimacy and little in the way of emotional intimacy, yet they keep on together. What I find interesting is that irrespective of gender the gripes tend to be the same.

It give me cause to think about the conclusions I can draw from this. It’s either lots if weird odd men pretending  to be their partners. It’s quite common believe me, I had a mate who used to pretend to be a woman on dating sites and I’m lead to bekuce that’s very common too. Or that both sexes feel the same about sexless marriages.

Anyway, so far this year we’ve had sex five times, plus an additional snoggy gropes which involve handjobs or bits caressing. For all of the turmoil that goes on in our marriage we’re still into the physicals of a relationship.

Sometimes, I wonder is that because I’m too pushy for it and all I want is to go down, be sucked and then enter her. You know completely selfish about it, but I don’t think that’s the case. I like to see her enjoy sex as much as I do and I feel quite disgusted with myself if I think she’s caved in to pestering. Also when she’s flatly said “no, I don’t want to do it”, I’ve accepted that and not persuade further.

Perhaps it’s down to a skewed mindset of mine, that I have thus hidden vekife that people in a relationship should have to say that they want it, its intrinsically known by your partner. It used to be a kiss on the back of the neck a cuddle and our clothes would be strewn everywhere. Now we have children we have to be mindful of their privacy and right not to see it happening.

As I pondered in my title, is there meaning to this, because we have consensual sex (ok with a bit of badgering from me from time to time), foes that nesn that for all our faults that there still is deep meaning in our relationship.