Cherry picking sex-ed, funda-mentalist have a very special way of trying to make you see it their way.

I was just reading a post about fucking, that special kind of sanctimonious way that only anally inserted God bothers can.

Some dunbarse was talking about throwing their virginity away. Fundamentally they forgot one thing in that statement, first you make a conscious choice to gave sex. second if you were coerced then someone has committed a serious crime against your person, bloody Christians always being self-righteous and sanctimonious.

One of the thing that would me up about it was the chopping and changing between the old testament, the Hebrew bible and the new testament the Christian bible. Basically to cherry pick shit to justify their own personal shite belief’s.

Don’t use Judaic scripture to make up shit about sex. Judaism is the only religion (please correct me cos religions need this next bit) that command a husband to fuck his wife to ORGASM as part of the shabbat evening, God has commanded it. OK the English interpretation is “satisfy” but fuck it that’s been a euphemism for cumming for years. The Rabbis have muttered over it for around 5k years and have cone to that conclusion, therefore God invented sex to be enjoyed and as a necessary thing.

Before dipshits complain that it supposed to be in marriage, get real the world has moved on since a few old geezers got it together and knocked out the Torah over a few pints of kiddush wine. If you’ve ever tasted kiddush wine then you know that by the end of their ruminating they’d be wanting to think of something nice, like eating their missus pussy.

It’s not about marriage its a cojoined respectful relationship irrespective of gender or some ceremony. Two people who like each others company can fuck and no one can say otherwise.

Also before you gripe about STD and pregnancy, remember this god allowed his people to discover penicillin, HPV vaccine and hiv medications. God also let contraception be discovered. Think about it people, I’m Jewish so the devil doesn’t come into the equation for me, but what I know of the Christian devil is that it is less powerful than God, so if God don’t want it God ain’t gonna let some schmuck like the devil get in his way to ruin the masterplan.

Anyway to finish the gospel of Autosoma, fucking is good, fucking is fun, fucking is the work of God. Don’t ruin it kids by letting schmuck say its wrong.