Interesting point raised in this, Lesbians speculate wildly about straight sex

Lesbians speculate wildly about straight sex –

It never crossed my mind that the actual physical act of sex should be learnt, that we as human being should have an innate ability to “do” sex.

One of the main reasons I guess it never crossed my mind is that I had a very sexualized, sexually abusive childhood and that as a teenager I started having sexual relations with my first girlfriend young. I suspect that as her parents were friends of my parents that she may have undergone something similar. But I learnt along time ago not to dwell or speculate too much as it ends up taking you to a dark and unnecessary place.

It’s interesting to speculate about how we discover our preferences and more to the point how do we learn about how to do in in a safe way.

I realised a long time ago that you need to learn and discover about your partner likes and how to fit your own wants and needs with that of your partners. It’s not a good idea to go blithly sticking something into somewhere if the someone doesn’t like the something someplace.

Then there are all those peripheral activities, that often get referred to as kinks. The human sexual smorgasbord is quite expansive. (ok kids remember consent is king, make sure you’re aware of what your partner is agreeable to – and no coersion).

So if your not sure ask, and don’t use porn as sex-ed cos it’s not the same as real life. Seriously, it’s fiction not documentaries.


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