very sexy looking pentagram thong for raising hell and outing the little devil in you

Karolina Laskowska ‘Elzbieta’ Pentagram Playsuit.

This piped into my Google now feed from the Daily Knicker obviously Google tracks my saucy searching.. What ever problems DW and I have in our interpersonal relationship and our differences over parenting (oh god there’s more) and our differences over money and our differences, well just about everything.. We don’t have a difference over what makes for sexy underwater.

And this is sexy underware.

Now I assume the model is also the blog owner, I have to she’s very lucky to have such an extensive wardrobe and in very envious of her partner, as if love to see DW with such a huge amount of lingerie. Well frankly,, she did have an extensive collection of corsets, was pies, suspender belts and knickers to die for. Sadly, it was breast cancer that did it in for her strutting her sexy stuff. Mind you she still has a huge aiming of little knickers, t-string things and see through stuff.. Sad fly the bars are the let down part.