Last year it was s#*t-shaming this year its cuckolding

I get so fed up of porn inspired bullshit abusive concepts. Last year we were constantly inundated with sl#t-shaming bullshit. Frankly, does it matter how a woman wants to express her sexuality, does it really hurt society, really.

Now this dumb arse word cuckolding and it dumb derivatives of chuck and its insertions into words. The fact that its now been spawned as an insult, shows that the fuckers who use it are just nasty little childish bastards.

How many guys are going to suffer these stupid insults this year? Maybe the ones who are one the receiving end of being cucked will empathise with all the women who get hurt by called sl#t.

I’d like to meet the sad bastards who do the name calling, although in getting old now and an not the thing I used to be as a young man, I’d love to meet them and give them the back handed slap they richly deserve it better yet give them a taste of their own insults by grabbing their balls and give them a squeeze and a twist.

Bros, I don’t give a shit if you lift or bench press or whatever, btw if you want real upper body strength and defination do rings

See here

Its a killer, I know because I used to do them as a warm up before bench rows and squats.