14 hrs in and its a bad start

Well happy new year. It’s now 2pm on  the 1 Jan 2016 and its not been the best of starts. I was up at 7:30 followed by my youngest at 8:30. The other two got up between 10 and 12.

I taken some time to reflect on the last year an the hell/shite we’ve been through.

Key points

Getting sexy has lessened, only about 100 times in  the last year. I have to admit not only has the quantity dropped so has the quality, neither if us feels like putting any effort into it.

Money, has been up and down absolutely no consistency, unable to plan a budget or make any improvements.

Moods; have been all over the place, my wife is starting to get some alcohol treatment, I’m starting to wonder if she is on the bipolar spectrum, especially as there is such wide variance in her behaviour (I’d perfer her to be on the bisexual spectrum but thats just a poor taste joke). I’m back on antidepressants, my own mood hasn’t stabilised much, I’m still very angry about stuff and feel a lot of resentment.

External family, well that’s still the same, my wife back in contact with her parents. I got back in contact with my half siblings which hasn’t worked out.

Education. Something needs to be done, don’t know what but some needs to be done to improve my children’s educational attainment.

Ah Well, only 364 and a bit days to go until next year. Here’s a thought, perhaps I should use one of those time delay email services and send this to myself for the beginning of next year.


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