mental toughness, resilience, fragility and mindfulness, can they work together.

This has been an odd, interesting abd difficult year. It’s had some dramatic successes and some outstanding fails.

I was just watchin the save the children ad.

The first thing to note, it that we as a family have sunk to that level. We are (my wife and myself) both now unemployed and what you sed in that advert is what my chikdren and our family are now experiencing.

As I said, this year has undergone sone spectacukar events. In the procesd of moving out if London, I was homeless for two weeks, it was a combination of sofa surfing, b&b’s and sleeping rough.

Finally, I secured a flat and the family mive in from London to here. During that time the stress of moving and a bew job wore me out. Then I was sacked, I got a new job rapidly, but at the sane time my wifes alcoholism was escalating. Finally, I snapped and lost another job.

So this year I’ve been mentally tough, putting up with some really difficult situations, its made me at times fragile, unable to cope, yet at the same timd I’ve become resilient, no matter what I’ll put my wife and children’s safety, security and well-being first.

It has made me mindful, but I intend to work through this and come out better off and with a stronger family.

We’ve been through hell, a first world hell, but we’re better off than many, even here in the UK.

So what has mental toughness, fragility, resilience and mindfulness given me.

Resolve, The ability to resolve this situation were in, its not the same as a resolution. There is a subtle difference. Resolution is a firm decision to do something, resolve is the setting out on a course of action.

I’m not naking a new years resolution, but I will be resolute abd resolve out situation.

Watch this space.