The eve of New Years eve, or New Year’s eve eve

Not long to go till the new year and its a real ness in the Autosoma household.

Debts, there are many! I’ve got to get a grip and sort it out.

No.1 Solicitor fees my wife owes £300.
No.2 Tax bill my wife owes £350
No.3 Council Tax for Walthamstow £1000
No.3 Council Tax for Bournemouth £700
No.5 Electicity Bill Bournemouth £500
No.6 Item in London £5000.
No.7 Water Londo £300
No.8 My unpaid debt £800
No.9 My wifes unpaid debt £700

When I started this blog I didn’t things could get as bad as they are now.

I’m being treated for depression, My wife’s getting treatment for alcoholism.

we’re both unemployed

I need to replan my life’s journey.