Christmas day 1pm

The children woak up at 8:30 am, opened their first set if presebts7 and were happy.

Their currently playing with their main Christmas present Minecraft Realms. They got a subscription each. So thats what, over a year? £5.99 each @ 11 months (first month free) is £131.78 over the year.

Currently they’ve built s schoolhouse in their Realm and are taking lessons. So their maybe a chance for them.

A few weeks ago the Social Worker came around and we stsrted talking about Secondary Schools and she informed me that this us an 11+ town and they have to pass it to get to a Grammar School.

I mentioned that would need some effort on all our parts as back in London it was going to be a shoe in to one of the best secondary schools in North East London as their primary was a sister school and automatic feeder.

The look the Social Worker gave me about getting the girls into a Grammar School, said to me that as far as the “system” is concerned they’ve been assigned to the scrap heap.

Whether it’s Shameless UK or US, this isn’t the future that any parent wants for their children.

So today I’m going to give the present of change for the better.