Lenovo Flex 10 real use review,


imageA while back we bought a lenovo Flex 10.1 as a general purpose family laptop, mainly for our daughters. It’s proved to be an exceptional purchase. I think it’s mainly due to the form factor and that it’s got a Intel Celeron N2840 cpu and 4gb of ram.

Forget about benchmarks and all that fancy stuff that fills up reviews. This is what it actually can do. Yesterday I configured it as a wireless hotspot and connected our chromecast to the hotspot (this involves a factory reset on Chromecasts as they are very difficult when it comes to switching wireless networks).

At the same time, my youngest was watching DanTDM Spore clips on youtube that was playing fullscreen on our Samsung TV. In the background AirDroid was doing a file transfer of a 5oomb video that I was copying from my Nexus 4 to the shared storage location on the hard drive, our other daughter was streaming a video from the share to her nexus 7. Finally, there are all thouse background things going on, Bluetooth, Rainmeter running as desktop eye candy and other bits and bobs.

Then our eldest daughter decided to do some Minecrafting, so she started to play that on the laptop’s primary screen while DD2 is still watching Spore youtubes on the TV as monitor over HDMI.

Not bad, not bad at all. The cpu was coping well, there was no lag or stutter in the youtubes or Minecraft, the WiFi hotspot kept up and the internet connection share this the ADSL wifi router kept up too. By this point I’d connected a Moto G, a Nexus4 and two nexus 7’s to the wifi hotspot. The nexus 4 was streaming a video via the hotspot from the main WiFi. I was tempted to plug in a USB3 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter and hook the laptop up to the wired network, but the Windows 8.1 (with Bing) virtual host adapter, which can handle 100 connections was performing very well and throughput with multiple connected devices was excellent.

I have been thinking of buying a dedicated MiFi hotspot and with storage, but Win8.1, the Celeron N2840 and the 4gb of ram has made that redundant.

Equally, the fact that the Flex 10 was coping well with playing Minecraft, playing youtube, the dedicated Intel graphics are pretty good to. Through out all of this there was the occasional surfing and other stuff going on.

I don’t think it could cope well with highly cpu/gpu intensive applications such as 3d rendering, but so far its proven to be excellent in all other respects.

Battery life is about four hours, which is fine for trips to the library and out and about. I bought and Aukey 28000mAh external laptop battery which keep the Lenovo Flex 10 going for a further 11 hours.

Aukey 28000 mAh @ Amazon

The only downside I can see to the Lenovo Flex 10 is that the trackpad is small and feels greasy.

Overall it’s been a fantastic purchase and it’s usage as a WiFi hotspot, media streamer and kids games machine and that it can cope without lag or stutter or freezing, shows that 4gb of Ram and the intel Baytrail-m Celeraon N2849 cpu are a damn good combination.

Frankly, not long ago I was using a Dell m3800, which never broke into a sweat and was a superfast laptop. The reason why is that none of the work I was doing was stressing it. When you think that most of the stuff people are doing is general surfing and writing stuff, the Lenovo Flex is and excellent choice .