Does anyone have advice on how to stop being needy

Well I think I need some concrete advice on this one as I’m anxious and needy all at the same time


7 thoughts on “Does anyone have advice on how to stop being needy

  1. Why do you feel anxious? Is it a physical anxiety or emotional? If I have chronic low blood pressure so if my systolic pressure goes past 100, I feel totally jumpy. Sometimes we react to emotional stress by doing physical things and our bodies react to the stress of that and sometimes we don’t realise that this is what is happening. As for neediness, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as long as you have healthy support around you. I’m not sure this is helpful but there’s no quick fix.

    • Because I don’t have a job, I’m separating from my wife and I have no other family than her and the children and no accommodation, no money lots if reasons for anxiousness

      • That makes sense. You’re feeling stress. As for feeling “needy”, I’m not sure it’s an accurate description. This is a major event in your life and it is natural that you will want comfort and support. Are you working on the job situation? I read in an earlier post that you’d lucked out with the previous one.

      • The thing to do is to fulfill your physical needs first: job and accommodation. Solving these problems is most urgent. If you focus all your energy (and not worry) on resolving these two issues, you’ll feel better about managing the other emotional situation. Money is something that can be built up over time, so if you find a steady source of income, you can organise your lifestyle and decisions around that. I’m making it seem simple, when it isn’t but take it from me, it’s best to fix the fixable problems first.

      • Thanks I am in the process of breaking the big picture down into those exact manageable chunks and moving forward that way. I’m more worried that the needy beast will overcome me.

      • You’re a person. Of course you have needs. Don’t deny them. Please acknowledge your feelings and the search for healthy ways to meet those needs. Stay focused and continue to be well.

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