This is the time that we need to learn to communicate

I thought I was being OK, DW told me I was trying to start a fight. Well maybe I have in the past, it wasn’t my actual intention. I guess this us where our real differences lie, I’m trying to say how I feel clearly, or how I believe it to be clear, but sod it, she is right.

I’ve invested a lot of myself into this relationship along the way I have made some regrettable catastrophic mistakes, I try to hold myself accountable and be open in that.

Obviously, everything that I say trying to express my feelings and beliefs will be the cause of a fight. Meh! So what, remember this process is on navigating the rights and well-being of the children, irrespective of the fact that mummy and daddy don’t work as a couple.

Move forward slowly, steadily its what’s best for the children and what’s good for them.

And with that will come a better space for the children.


5 thoughts on “This is the time that we need to learn to communicate

  1. I like the clear outlook you have. It isn’t about right or wrong at this point…it doesn’t matter anymore…it’s about just doing right by your girls and that’s it.

  2. Thank you for that, I don’t know how to progress, the simple nice just about the world conversations are dying. I know we both want to maintain a friendship and there is care for one another. I hope it will come back in time.

  3. It will…in due time…it’s just an adjustment period. There is anger, disappointment, frustration from both of you that clouds that care you most definitely have for each other. Once you get passed this stage, I’m sure you will be able to have the friendship. Hang in there.

    • This is what I’m hoping for, I recognise that after my last argument with DW we have to be apart. I guess you’re talking about the grief curve and even though it’s s recent decision and we are both giving each other mixed signals, the separation is the impetus we need to sort ourselves out in our own ways without each other mixing it up. I hope we will be friends I don’t thing either of us bares each other really bitter nasty grudges, so we’ll move forward separately, learn to stand on our own two feet but share the wellbeing of the children together and see what happens.

      • I’m sure you will get there. And you never know what can and will happen once you’ve figured yourselves out. Like you said, standing on your own two feet. Life has a funny way of being stubborn. Life might bring you guys back together to a stronger, healthier place.

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