Just don’t watch Taylor Swift on 4k precision m3800

I just got a Dell Precision m3800 with a 4k display (it maybe shit hot but unless your using a scaling OS its shit).

Anyway, so i thought i’d watch a hidef clip, well Taylor Swift popped from the screen in a way that made an old man jump. OK, it was a choice of my girls but man the celebrity lifestyle ain’t that kind.

The girl needs to get some early nights and drink more water is all I can say. Bottom line I am not taking 4k photos of my family, I’m sticking firmly to low res. There is no way I would want to punish my family members with imagery that really shows the blemishes.

Now before anyone gets uptight and thinks I have it in for Taylor Swift, that’s not the case, the girl has makeup artists to fix these issues, so it means that there will have to be a special skill to make up people for 4k plus video and photos.