There needs to be a new word invented one that can be a noun and a verb

To describe men who pretend to be women online who aren’t trans. You know hetro men who adopt a female persona and write drivel purporting to be from a woman’s viewpoint.

I’m sure its actually a mental health issue, if you were transitioning like what’s his name the kardasdhian dad, then I guess that’s vaguely legitimate, but a hetro man pretending to be a hetro woman is just bonkers.

If I was to do it, I’d ask my wife her opinion and then blog it, but I know how it would play out.

Her: why do you want to know that?
Me: a reason of some sort
Her: What exactly are you doing?
Me: stupid answer
Her: You’re doing WHAT?

And she’d have every right to be pissed off.

I don’t know what these blokes think they are doing or what they’ll achieve, its very odd. I could understand it if some geezer wants to engage an LGBT woman in order to quiz her about her lifestyle in order to get his rocks off, but there is plenty of porn that caters to that (BTW world I’ve been porn sober for ten days and I think I’m succeeding this time).

I just don’t get it. Ok I’ve got another Use Case; blokey wants to perform some kind of online entrapment of groomers by purporting to be a teen age girl, but that doesn’t really work unless you work for a law enforcement agency.

Thing is any half grained human being can spot this kind of lunacy a mile off, and I do apologise for being ablist but I’m not that good at being understanding, if someone could explain I’d be greatful.


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