My life a flashback to a shit childhood.

I just read dome empty wankers post that triggered absolute guru in my. Its lucky he didn’t say it in a boozer because I would have hurt him and enjoyed doing it.

I had a really shit childhood one filled with violence and abuse. I ran away permanently when I was 14 it was Armistice Sunday, the day my step father came home from being in psychiatric hospital for paranoid schizophrenic delusions.

I rough sleeper for six months, I vividly remember Christmas, I’d dossed down in an office in a derelict wearhouse, sharing it with pigeons. I had a kerosene lamp, a packet of Jacobs crackers and a bottle of coke. It was shit, but better than being with my mother and step father. There we other rough times, I spent several nights in a public toilet near a train station pushing on the jot air hand dryer in order to get a bit warm.

February was pretty bad, I got gastric flu and I was kipping in an old brick shed, I can remember it raining and the floor becoming a huge puddle but I couldn’t move as I was so I’ll.

By May, I was so fucked up I went around yo a school mates house fit something. His mum opened the door and tried yo take me home, I can’t remember what my reaction was but she took me to my grandparents instead.

O know they had a difficult time with me, I was a disaster of a teenager, my grandmother said it took six months for me to stop looking like a whipped cur and saying sorry for everything.

Back at school, it was doubly shit one teacher said I was mist likely to end up in prison. Somehow, I changed determined never to be part of that shit life. I used my part time job money to pay for the minimum set of exams to get into the local Grammer school, I did and I got my A levels, and by hard work and interviews I got offers from two of the top five global universities (well that’s their current positions). Sadly, I couldn’t handle it and with in 8 months I was back on the street with a growing taste for brown. By this point I’d been stabbed three times and slashed with a Stanley knife. At dome point I bumped into my admissions tutor who helped me clean up and get back into Uni.

The next decade and a bit I steadily improved but I couldn’t make emotional attachments with people, a steady stream of one night stands and month long equivalents but no feelings just sex. And I was shockingly good at it, a charming sociopath.

I felt at home the violence of living rough, it was easy to cope with as I grew up with so much worse, just as with sex I was into fucking or fighting, I loved hurting hard men, lippy fuckers or groups of Bros who thought they were mensch.

In hindsight it was a shit life, so many geezers thinking I was the man because I was fucking birds and getting into rucks, I was the man. In hindsight it is a shit life.

But because of white male entitlement, in got a job in an investment bank, which I quit after a day because i couldn’t deal with it. Then in one of the top global tech companies.

So why did I get so furious over a little prick’s blog. Because he had the same shit attitude that my step father had. Oh and one final thing my mother was Vice President of European Client Accounts for Republic National Bank of New York and my step father before he went nuts was Senior Finance Officer for Ansbacher Investment Bank. So no matter what white western male entitled privilege wins out.