Dating bullshit 101; What Your First Date Eating Habits Say about You

What Your First Date Eating Habits Say about You –

Oh for fucks sake, the way you scoff your grub and offer/share it on a date says what kind of person you are. Fuck off, just fuck right off. Whatever fools over analyse this stuff do not deserve to be in a relationship let alone find a decent partner.

I’ve never shared my grub with anyone on a date unless that is they ask nicely to try. Its so impolite to go shoving food into someone’s face or just grabbing a hunk cos you want it.

When you take someone out for a meal, you behave with polite assertive decorum, be nice to the waiting staff, be genial and pleasant and amusing and be conversationally aware.

But you never wank around with the food sharing stuff unless it is part of the general discussion regarding the food you are eating.

This article is going to spawn a year of oral-maxilliofacial injuries admitted to A&E and no that isn’t a fancy expression for getting a blowjob from that.


2 thoughts on “Dating bullshit 101; What Your First Date Eating Habits Say about You

  1. I agree! I do not want anybody, especially a stranger shoving their food on me. And less do I like someone intruding on my plate of food.

  2. Exactly, did you read the garbage in the article… What twaddle and all it will do is make people (idiot) copy it to give off some kind of impression of how the are

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