Today @work reviewing the development team.

Oh my! I had to review the company development team, one of the VC’s had sent their “consultant” to our development team to do a “technological review” and my boss wanted me to review the review.

I dunno where to start, so I told my boss the truth, I think he was given the wrong document as the mismatch between the two, the doc and reality was so far apart that it might as well have been for another company.

One of the major problems with the silicons, whether valley or roundabout is that they are full of arrogant show off pricks who like to bully. And this document was an exercise in showing off. The fact of the matter is that the dev team needs mentoring and guidance and as they have their very own internal cockstar who wanted to show off and try to pretend that his coding cock was so much bigger than mine.

I’ve been through this game so many times before that its easy to play, the thing with an show off bully is that they had better be an order of magnitude better than the person they are strutting around showing off.

I like to call them cockstars, they thing they are rock star programmers and that they have a bigger cock (knowledge) than anyone else, not its easy to be a big fish in a puddle. So bigboi started showing off and trying to be arrogant, boring. So I flipped of his questions with style and verve and then put him in his place.

So one of our VC’s has an arrogant bullshitter that I have to “manage” and my team has an arrogant bully I have to deal with.

Now remind me why I went back to work? Believe me looking after young kids is challenging but a lot less challenging than dealing with dickheads.

Oh god its tiresome. I’ve got a long haul to turn this lot around, I had worse teams, much worse teams but its going to be long.