One of those weird feeling days, I really could do with some rampant sex

I’m having one of those tricky moments, I’m really horny and I have a partner, so how do you respectfully ask your partner for a long, deep, hard, dirty no holds bared fuckfest, one where body fluids are consumed, where every hole is entered for both our pleasures? Trouble is when your greedy for sex, you want everything, I want to feel myself inside every part of her, I want her to feel every part stretched, I want to cum, I want her to cum. I want to send her into that brain and body fucked place that only hard unbridled fucking can bring. The good thing is no matter what we always have good sex, in eleven years I can’t at all remember a time when its been mediocre. I guess its good that two people who have had a lot of sexual partners each got it together – mainly because we both know what bad sex with the inexperienced or selfish is like.

I want to cum in her mouth, and then snog the spunk out if her mouth, I want to flood her pussy with cum then taste what we are like together. I want to spunk in her mouth and watch her savour the flavour as she swallows.

I want to enter that tight delicious pussy, feel her gripping me as I go deep until I push her cervix up and she can feel my cock pushing deep into her insides.

I want to flip her into as many positions as I can, bite,suck, pinch her nipple, squeeze and kiss her boob, have her on top and fuck her, then slide my cock into her are and fuck her, then slide my cock onto her pussy again and fuck her.

These are all things that we do together, when our horniness is in sync. God we love fucking, but tight now I’d settle for a simple sexy snogging and a nice good fuck.


4 thoughts on “One of those weird feeling days, I really could do with some rampant sex

    • I actually used a kiss on the back of the neck, a cuddle, a “you’re really pretty, I fancy you soooolo much” cracked a cheesy, smutty joke, made her laugh and suggested we got jiggy. That seems to work. My ideal though, would be a kind of horny telepathy, where we both switch on immediately.

      • Lol…well, even if not your ideal…because it’s unrealistic :)….at least you know how to get accomplished what you need, or want in this case 🙂

  1. Weeeeeell! Yes, but I still feel like I’m being too pushy, but then I always respect no even though I’m churning inside.

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