So a weeks gone by since last weeks weirdness

So last Thursday was overall a bad day for the family. It should have been good, we should have celebrated my new job, we should have been celebrating the fact that one if us has a job.

Instead it was the opposite, DW, my wife had a monster anxiety attack, which ended up with police and ambulance service involved. She was, later on that evening discharged after coming off the anxiety low naturally.

The problem wasn’t helped by, and in fact, made worse by modern technology, lack of external support and children. This is what happened.

I’m radio silent because I’m final stage interviewing, she’s anxious.

Immediately after we try to talk, the phone signal is dirty, we can barely hear one another, because she’s anxious she’s making less sense, because the signal is garbled the less sense makes even less sense. I start to become anxious because something is happening and I don’t know what.

We rely on one another as our support mechanisms, there is no one else for either of us to turn to or to be an intermediary. Also in play are two young kids who weren’t being helpful to my wife by being quiet.

So she’s stuck in an anxiety attack with no support, I’m travelling to her becoming equally anxious, I don’t want the outcome of my anxiety becoming abusive because of the way I deal badly with my own and others anxiety.

The storm us rising and the sea is churning.

As I approach our front door, it looks like I see the police leaving the house, the anxiety starts to spike. I run to the police to discover what was going on. At this point things stopped being sensible, the police were cagey, cautious and not informative as to what they were doing. I asked them to come into the house as I was anxious for my wife, children and me.

This made my wife’s anxiety worse and once the police left she snapped went storming off and then nearly fell under a bus. Well, the out come of it all was she was taken to hospital, checked out by doctors and psychiatrists and given the OK to come home that evening.

Everything went back to normal the following day.

So things tick along quietly until my first day of my new job. During the afternoon things start getting to DW again, the school run, she failed to get a job that she had her hopes pinned on and loneliness (no support). When I got home she was starting to spin up the anxiety by talking and dwelling too much on the stuff that made her anxious.

She started to drink at this point, now I, starting to get anxious, I’m processing my first day at work, I’m processing what she’s saying, things are starting to become anxiously tense, something needed to be done.

So we fucked, fucked hard, she sucked me, she rode my cock, I eat her, stretch fingered her (you know nearly fisting but not quite), fingered her arsehole while she played with her self, we fucked again, i hit her internal cum spots, blew a load inside her, she got me to eat up the spunky mess we snog with cum covered faces and I finished off by licking her clit to orgasm.

We were both sore, stretched, knackered by the end of it, the physical exertion broke the shared anxiety attacks, we settled back to watch game of thrones and went to sleep.

Anxiety, who needs it? It’s made worse when you both suffer from it.