End of the week for my new job

So I started Wednesday, its going pretty well. Frankly, it’s my dream job. A mix of defining my own time and work from home.

If I continue impressing my boss (the founder) I stand a good chance of being bumped up to CTO, if so I’m gonna rock this sectors startup world.

I have to admit this is not a sector I’ve ever worked in, I’ve always worked in financial investment facism rather than the NPO sector.

I get a rocking Dell ultra book next week 16gb ram and an i7, I’ll strip the Dell bloat/crap ware, install vBox, maybe HyperV or a dual boot if it can take it. Frankly if I asked for a Eurocon monster they’d have got it for me.

This does sound like bragging but I got the job, I’m enjoying it, there are no cockstar, wolf’s of Wally St. fiscal fascists, so cool I guess.


3 thoughts on “End of the week for my new job

    • Thank you, I have a tendency to self sabotage so I’m going to avoid it at all costs and keep sensible

      • As most of us do. It’s some sort of defense mechanism for the inevitable failure(that’s all in our heads) that will happen. Stay sensible. It will work out greatly for you. Have enough faith in yourself to know you deserve this :)!

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