More on positive job interviews – also don’t flirt with the recruiter.

So a second job interview, which was really positive, even if I don’t get the job I really enjoyed the interview. The chaps were nice, friendly, cool and a real pleasure to talk to.

Job interviews are rather like the first date, you have to be a bit over the top but not come across as weird, you have to be interested and be interesting, you have enjoy yourself and be enjoyable, finally know what the fuck you are talking about.

Anyway it went really well and I now have s final stage interview with the owner, fingers cross it will go well and I’ll get the job.

The thing is a good interview makes you positive, if your positive people around you become attracted to that positivity and when you have a young woman who’s your agent it starts to come across that your flirting, because your upbeat.

Anyway its going to be a bit busy and a bit tricky as I have two interviews on the same day, I’d quite like to score both. I hope the first one isn’t bad as I don’t want to go to the final one in a dubious mood.