13 Reasons To Have Sex With Your Spouse Every Night


Hmm! Yeh! Every night 365 of them, don’t think so. DW and I average around 3-4 a week, 3 weeks every month. There’s a good reason why one week in every month we don’t get jiggy, or do the authors of the huffpo article take birth control every day of the year.

As a man I don’t have that issue, but if I’m Ill, tired, drunk or pissed off, I’m not up for it.

Kids as well, don’t they think that parents have that to contend with too. When we first got together it was several times a day as well as several times a week. DW is one of the few women I’ve met who has a pretty robust and active sex drive. There have been other women in my past who were nearly as active, a couple more so, but none I wanted to evolve a relationship with. Oh! I just thought that I’d better qualify what I mean be three to four times a week, is penetrative sex leading to orgasm for one or both of us, blowjobs, going-down or mutual masturbation doesn’t count in our weekly sex tally, that then would up it to 5-7 times weekly and three to four in the penetration week off.

So does anyone consider 365 continous penetrative sex days feasible or is able to?