More anxiety, drinking in a family home

I’m not having a good morning when it comes to anxious thoughts. DW, my wife, drinking is slowly escalating again, presently she’s consuming 10 to 14 units of alcohol on average per evening. That’s between five to seven pints of lager or a half bottle of vodka.

Over a week, that ends up as around 70 units, over a month 300 units, over a year 35,00 units. At an average cost of 20p per unit for over the counter shop retail prices that’s £700 a year (thank fuck! she’s not a pub or wine bar drinker as you could quadruple that cost).

Fuck me that’s a lot of money. Add in the smoking too, that adds a further £2500 per annum, that’s around £3000 (I’m being generous by rounding down costs) up in smoke and down the toilet every year. Throw in inflation and tax increases, that’s an annual retirement savings plan.

Brilliant, I’ve just given myself money anxieties as well as health and alcohol misuse anxiety.

Today I must stop thinking.