A touch of performance anxiety, am I getting too old or just being usless?

Anxiety takes many forms, sexual performance anxiety is one of them, over the last three days I haven’t been as good as I’d like. DW says she has enjoyed herself, but I haven’t been as hard as normal and lasted as long as normal.

DW has given me some excellent blowjobs over the last three days, the kind where she’s giving my cock some slow, sensual, kissy blowies, with lots of hand and mouth working together to get me to cum and with lots of ums, ahs and “I love you’s” the kind of stuff that makes me rock hard. Then when we make love she’s telling me how much she loves my cock in her mouth and wants to snowball.

Last night she even stepped out of her comfort zone and gave me a mono tit-wank. Rubbing her lovely big boob and big hard nipple all over the head of my cock and doing the pencil test thing with the underside of her boob on my cock. Wonderful.

Then when I slid into her, she was happy that I felt big, hard and wide, stretching her and going deep, but I feel that I lasted seconds before blowing my load inside her and although she said I felt hard, I wasn’t feeling that myself and as I started to hit her internal cum spot I blew my load. I stayed hard a bit longer after that but as she’d felt me cum and my cock had been hitting her bladder, she wanted to finish so a quick creampie clean-up and it was done.

Afterwards, I felt as though hadn’t performed as well as I could have or have done and that makes you more anxious, also she hasn’t been into me going down on her either and letting herself cum by having a good dirty fantasy, it’s been over a fortnight since she’s had a big squirty cum from me licking her clit.

Over analysing doesn’t help either. If I was to say that over the last three nights we’ve had super good fuck that we’ve both enjoyed puts a totally different spin on things.