Things I realise as a parent that I should have been taught as a child

Forget cooking, cleaning and diy, what children need to know before leaving home is;

Financial management, how to look after their own money and others and how money functions.

Negotiation; saying yes themselves and getting others to say yes.

Clear communication; saying what you really mean so that others clearly understand.

Empathy and emotions; understanding how and why someone feels and behaves the way they do.

Understanding instructions; from IKEA to work and everything in between.

Motivations; what motivates themselves and what motivates others.

Organise things; do things one put things in a sensible fashion so that you can get it again.

Be polite; it greases the wheels of interaction.

These can all be dressed up in homilies and proverbs (not the Christian fundamentalist ones used to control and abuse people) like:

Financial management


Clear communication

Empathy and emotions

Understanding instructions


Organise things

Be polite