Families really mess up your family life

Parenting is one of the main causes of rifts between partners. We get our parenting skills from the role model our parents set.

I was brought up by industrious grandparents who were both military, they’d get up around 5ish, I’d get up at 7.

My wife’s parents are baby boomer toxic, selfish, narcissists (not that I’m falling into the trap of hating in-laws, that’s my wife’s actual definition of them) with alcohol problems, they wouldn’t surface in the morning’s until give minutes before going to work or the golf club/spa – lazy fuckers (as well as being elderly swinger/players yuk) and they’d be morning miserable – no greeting the day happy and hopeful.

Now I’m a parent I’m getting up 5ish just as I saw my grandparents do, my wife leaves it to the last minute and is morning miserable.

I end up having to walk on egg shells cos she has the misery guilts about getting up in the mornings, such as, if I put on the laundry, put clothes away, clean or any housework shit. It becomes very frustrating, it’s easily solved; get up earlier, teach/train yourself to do it.

Its her own choice to copy her parents behaviour, I’m not forcing her to do it and I’m not going to force her to do it my way although I think its a better parenting behaviour to be up before your children.

Anyway, thinking about it you should see the sad fucker my mother-in-law is, she thinks she’s a hawt golf, she actually looks like an orange prune, she’s flashes me her saggy veiny liver-spotted tits and it wasn’t nice and the inappropriate old cow has gone for my cock in the past – cos she’s sexeeeeee, yuk. Too many holidays to Jamaica and the Burj where she’s got away with fondling the poolboys cock. The only reason she wasn’t told to fuck off was the poor sod would loose his job upsetting a wrinkly sack of a guest – I could go on for days about the vile old bat.