I’m going to have to say no from now on to drunk sex

The drinking has made her boring and needy tonight, She stumbled off to bed, not realising I was sitting on the sofa in the dark. I listened to the crashing and banging from upstairs as she stumbled around the bedroom. It must have dawned on her I wasn’t in bed, some more stumbling and the thump, thump, thump down the stairs.
She comes into the living room, where I’m slumped on the sofa,

“you cummin’ t’ bed”

Me: ‘No I’m staying down here

Her, pulling up her T-shirt to show me her fuzzy short haired bits: ”look at my pussy, I wanna fuck with you”, she says stumbling again‘

Me: ”I’m not sure I want to fuck with a drunk again”

Her: ‘I’m not drunk‘

Me: ‘did you stumble just then? You are drunk and I’m not fucking you‘

So here we are, we’ve fucked twice this week, with her being pissed up. Each time she’s fallen onto my cock nearly breaking it and its really hurt. Funny, if she doesn’t want to have sex, then that’s OK and I’m not allowed to talk about it or sulk. She on the other hand does sulk and becomes needy, if I say no.

I could have fucked her, it would probably be unsatisfying for both if us, she’d have woken up in the morning with a cum spattered cunt, I’d have blown my load and possibly have fucked her a bit rougher than I should (by rough, I mean uncaring, deep and hard so her insides become bruised, none of that hair pulling or choking shit).

Interesting thought I might bring that one to DVIP on Tuesday, even though its consensual sex, you can fuck someone in such a way that the bruises don’t show and yes I know exactly what that sounds like and what the implications of that is, which is all the more, why that I’m pleaded that I’m on the sofa.

Probably she’ll be resentful, being turned down when she’s made herself so available. Turning your partner down for sex, shouldn’t be a resentment, when my wife turns me down, I accept it and wait till the next time we have a mutual desire for it. Her libido is different from mine, she wants it less. It will be interesting to see if she turns into one of those silly, I’m not getting any, no sex in my relationship moaners, when my libido packs up sometime in the future.

Given that my grandad was famously shagging up to the day he died at 82, maybe its genetically programmed into me. He actually karked it on his way out for a hot date with a younger woman of 60, who he’d recently pulled. He’d gone into his favourite bar for a quick whiskey and lemonade, as a ”livener” before his hot date.

I’m going yo be really pissed off if my wife starts getting moody about our sexlife changing, as she is the one who turns down. That’s something she needs to think about.

Yesterday, for example (while pissed I might add), she complained that I’d never fucked her from behind with her hands against the wall. I has to remind her we’ve done that numerous times, I’ve tied her to the stair banisters, over kitchen counter, tables. Its amazing what a pissed up brain forgets. We’ve fucked in a swimming pool, on trains, in department stores, museums, art galleries, on my office desk, on the top floor of my office building overlooking London, seeing all the way to Wembley . I’ve played with her pussy, on the tube, on buses, in the street, its her who says no to fucking not me.

So I wonder how this little smidge of pissed up neediness will snowball into a big sack of shit.