Drunks are such tedious boring people

Another evening listening to boring repetitive slury twaddle, maybe I should record it and play it back to her. For fucks sake repeating the same shit over and over again is mind numbing. How many time do I have to hear the same sentence repeated. Why do you have to repeatedly repeat yourself.

See its quite boring reading that and this is what my evenings like. Upshot of it is that the alcohol makes her horny, so I can fuck her insides out. Maybe its done with the intention of making me angry, so I’ll give her a rough hard brutal fucking. Go deep, spread her open and really fuck like a maniac, mainly because it gets done of my grrr! out and you can’t really talk twaddle when your being fucked senseless.

Interesting strategy, if that’s how you want to have someone fuck you to orgasm. Hmmm! It may work.

Nether the less, drunks are fucking boring people


7 thoughts on “Drunks are such tedious boring people

    • I think about doing that, but it feels like an extreme measure. Too much like an invasion of privacy, plus there is the “I don’t want to see/face up” mentality as well. I’ve personally experimented with audio recording myself when pissed and listening back to it is a shame inducing experience. She has enough issues with shame and guilt that I shouldn’t be adding more.

      • I can agree with part of that. Most importantly that your decision with it comes from a loving and understanding place of where she has been and damage it might cost. Although, I do have to say that if you feel shame from shameful behavior, hopefully it’s a reminder to be better.

      • The problem with shame is that it eats away at a person and becomes so consuming that it pushes the ability to control it and use it for the better. It saddens me that we can’t get out of this loop, I’m trying really hard not to fall back on my own bad behaviours, which makes a bad situation worse. I just hope that I’m not substituting on set of bad behaviours for another. Tomorrow is another day and with it comes the light if a new dawn, we wake to see a new sun before us leaving the dark behind, regardless we can look to the light in the hope that its heat will spur us onto a brighter warmer day.

      • Well said my dear. And really the only actions we can control are our own. Kuddos to you for trying to better. A new day, is always the hope of a new beginning. The hope that things will get better :).

      • Ta nice of you to say that, its late now and everyone us deeply asleep but me so its off to bed for me. Thank you again for your thoughts

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