Reworking my job hunting, stop being a coward, have some spine and get out and go for it.

I’ve been a but negative over job hunting the last few days, talking to recruiters us such a full king chore. Same old, same old, listening to what they gave to say. Trying to filter the bullshit from the real. Listening to spiel about management jobs that turn out to be non management jobs.

One thing I have discovered is that as soon as you become a stay at hone parent, keep hunting for the dream job. Now I have to get a job to support the family, over the last 18 months I could have got something special.

This is advice to all the coupled out there where one is about to give up work to look after the kids. Keep looking, don’t sit back and take your eyes off the job market.

You see its about confidence, having confidence in myself and my skills, two weeks ago I had my confidence dented as I went down the chain rather than up, now I need to take my confidence and self assuredness and use it. Put up with the repetition and the miss communication and get something anything so my family us supported.