My job search us all over the place at the moment

After my abortive first two weeks job hunting where I went down the wrong track, I’m finding it a bit challenging getting onto the right track. The issue I have at the moment sounds trivial but its doing my head in. Tuesdays is a busy day for me. The morning I have three hours of better parenting class and then in the evening domestic violence prevention, so Tuesday I run around having my head filled with behaviour based stuff, invariably Tuesday evening as regular as clockwork, my wife gets shitfaced drunk and talks at me incessantly about her childhood issues.

On Tuesday I can’t take calls because if the classes and Wednesday I don’t want to make calks because I’m emotionally drained. So the middle two days of the week I’m fucked for job hunting, there is quite an easy solution to this. Be selfish concentrate on the important need which is a job to support my family and fuck the psychobabble stuff.

Except, the self centred stuff is what damaged my family in the first place. Trying to juggle the emotion based stuff for family relationship management against the narcissism that you have to do to career manage is a seesaw. Its the work life balance in an absolute nutshell.