Oh my! A saucy present from my wife

Reading books is a good thing (warning adult content), DW, my wife, as started reading a book by Cynthia Raine which she got from Kindle Unlimited. Well, I’m definitely benefiting from her reading it.

We do like anal play, but it has to be something she plans, rather than does on the spur of the moment, it’s not something where we can pull her jeggings down, bend over the kitchen counter and whack it straight in. That doesn’t happen, but reading the book mentioned above has given her ideas.

One if my major fantasises about her is for her to walk around, going about her day to day business with a jewelled butt plug in. The book she’s reading is all about that, the anal training of a librarian by a biker.



So having read the book she’s really into the idea of it, woo hoo, lucky old me, so she’s going to get herself one. So I get what I want with out being coercive, she gets to try something new and enjoy the secret thought of being different.

I guess the next step will be the practicalities of it. Anyway, I’m not complaining, I’ve already benefited as the books made her damn hornet.