The main issue about sharing intimate stories from your sexlife

The main issue with sharing sex stories, is that there is invariably another person (or in some situations more than one) and it then raises a question regarding the privacy of the other person. I write often about my sexlife with my wife, I fancy her a lot, I enjoy sex with her an awful lot. I know she feel a bit uncomfortable with some if my posts, but we both feel that they are devoid of enough person information so that it would be difficult top in point either of us or who we are.

I think at time about posting about some of the things we’ve got up to, more than vanilla but less than kinky. Thing such as our use of anal toys on our wedding night. That was one hot and sexy day. We got married in the middle of the summer and she was waring an ivory skin tight silk, spaghetti strap dress, so tight she couldn’t ware knickers or bra. We had planned to fuck in the gardens after the ceremony, but didn’t as the dress was to tight to quickly lift up and bend her over and secondly, we were too busy circulating.

Later at the hotel, she did get changed into bridal lingerie, which we ruined by shagging in the shower, that was fun. Later, she played with herself with the neck of a champagne bottle and then I tied and blindfolded her on the bed, gently inserted an anal toy and we fucked crazily during the night.

Sometimes I think about some of my past things, like the foursome that became a threesome with my girlfriend, her sister and her sisters boyfriend, or some of the good and bad anal encounters, or the time an older couple wanted to use me as a ”jam in the sandwich” threesome, or the time I cheated on a girlfriend twice in a day with two separate women (that was sort of cheating on them too as I had sex with three different women in one day).

Relating that information is difficult as its breaking a confidence and also giving out personal stories that are likely to be embarrassing and regrettable to the other party. Anyway, what I learnt from all that shagging around, is that now there is no one other than my wife I want to get jiggy with and I’m not going to mess things up by thinking the grass is greener