Google Inbox review, its good but there are a few obvious features missing


So I’ve been using GInbox, I really like the sweep function it saves me a smige of time. I do the zero inbox method, where by every morning and evening I deal with or delete mails so I have an empty inbox. The pinning is an excellent feature too. So overall I like it. At this moment it’s complementary to GMail, so if it will replace I don’t know.

The features that are missing.
Trash on the bar, if I want to trash something I have to jump to the menu. I guess sweep is supposed to be the new paradigm, with the pinning, it could benefit from send to GCal to, because I may receive a mail and need to put it into a shared calendar. Also share to GKeep, GDrive or GDocs as I may want to sweep my inbox but keep the info for later.