Awesome bras and knickers to make any woman feel stronger and just made me want to rush out and buy it as a present

Lingerie has pretty much a binary effect, it make the woman wearing it feel good about herself (or so I’m told) and the man who gets to see it, rather hot under the collar. I enjoy seeing my wife, DW, in bras and knickers especially matching sets. Frankly, I often can’t wait to get them off her or for her to get them off but that’s for another day. Here’s a selection of awesome stuff that is just awesome.

Samanta Aurora Grey

A Polish brand making headways here in the UK which definatly benefits the shape of UK women in general.

Lulu Tout @ Figleaves

I discovered this set on the Lingerie Addict and I have to say it is totally awesome.

Curvy Kate Bardo Bra @ Figleaves

Curvy Kate Bardo Suspender Short @ Figleaves

AS I ended up on Figleaves I had a look around the site and found some more items that would go into my basket, these being the Curvy Kate Bardot, my only criticism is that the suspender straps are too thin and a bit insubstantial, either way the clips would show through skirt material and be saucy to check out. But my tastes are for something a bit more substantial.

Freya Siren Bra @ Figleaves (beautifully see through)

Freya Siren Suspender Belt @ Figleaves Only in black and again, straps to insubstantial

Freya Siren Thong @ Figleaves Yummy back detail

Also available in Sunkissed which I think is a peach colour

The knickers should be as see through as the bra material, so I can see DW’s bits as she strips.

Finally I found this though the two cakes on a plate blog, Polish again, and I’m not sure if they are available in the UK

Available at Sklep Ewa Bien. I do find it funny as in London we only see the word Sklep on the signs of Polish corner shops Polski Sklep.


Go here to read an indepth review and photos of the kit, the girl has an awesome smile, so just check it out for that as seeing someone smile is always good for the soul.